45 Boy Names That Start With "J" From Joel & Jace To Jett & Jedidiah (2024)


45 Boy Names That Start With "J" From Joel & Jace To Jett & Jedidiah (1)


Boy Names That Start With “J” To Make You Jump for Joy

These names all start with “J” and are full of joy.

by Jamie Kenney

Congratulations! It’s a boy! Or maybe you’re not finding out the sex and it might be a boy. Either way, you’re going to need a boy name, but how do you even choose? There’s a great big world of wonderful names out there, and starting with the middle of the alphabet with boy names that start with “J” might be just the ticket.

Why not J? It’s a good letter! In my opinion, it’s the most fun one to use in American Sign Language (though, as a Jamie, I’m biased) and it starts loads and loads of great names in a variety of different languages from around the world. (Though you’ll notice that a lot of the boy names that start with “J” on this list are derivatives of Hebrew names that became popular around the world thanks to the Bible.)

Of course, with 45 names on this list, this is only the beginning of your journey through the “J” names for boys — there are hundreds, maybe even thousands more. But I figured you should start off with a nice variety of classic names, unique names, and boy names that start with “J” that are due for a comeback any day now (looking at you, Jason). Let’s jump right in...



The Arabic name Jamal means “beauty,” and is perfect for your handsome little guy if you’re looking for boy names that start with “J.”



The Roman name for the King of the Gods (known in Greek mythology as Zeus), Jupiter was associated with all powers having to do with the sky, including rain, thunder, and lightning.



This classic “J” boy name of James is a perennial favorite for a reason: it’s one of many names that springs from the Hebrew name Jacob, meaning “supplanter” or “one who replaces another of inferior quality.”



This is a classic “old man” name that has come back into fashion without becoming too popular. Jasper is a mineral that can come in a variety of vibrant colors and is used for making jewelry. Some believe jasper has the ability to make one feel grounded.



Dating back to ancient times, Julian means “downy” and “youthful” and comes to us from Latin.



In the Bible, Judah was the fourth son of Jacob and the namesake of the Tribe (and later Kingdom) of Judah. This is also where we get the word “Jewish,” so it’s a really great name to honor Jewish heritage as well!



The modern name “J” boy name Jett has gained some popularity in recent years and, honestly, I’m kind of here for it. I think it’s a great ode to bad*ss rocker Joan Jett.



I love Josué, this Spanish version of “Joshua,” which means “God is salvation.” It is pronounced “ho-SWAY.”



While the boy name Jagger is almost certainly associated with classic rock thanks to The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, it actually has an interesting origin. It began as a surname indicating a profession, like Potter or Weaver or Taylor. A jagger was someone who managed a team of packhorses.



In the Bible, Jethro was a high priest of Midian, father of Tzipporah, and father-in-law to Moses. The name means “overflow” in Hebrew.



A derivative of Janeśvaraḥ — one of the (many) names of Vishnu, protector of the universe in Hinduism — the name Janesh means “leader of the people.”



Any musical theater geek will tell you that when it comes to leading men, there are few more noble than Jean Valjean, who turned his life around after an unjust, 19-year prison sentence. This French form of the English name John means “God is gracious.”



Is Jay a little on the nose when one is asking for boy names that start with “J?” Perhaps. But it’s a good, avian name and I think it needs to be more popular!



This Hebrew name of Jonah means “dove,” but the Jonah of the Bible is more commonly associated with a fish, specifically being devoured by one (but surviving).



I’m biased, but Jamie is a good name and tragically underused for boys. It’s also a good nickname for James or Jameson.



This “J” boys name of Jin can be found in China, Korea, and Japan and means (respectively), “bright and beautiful” or “gold”; “truth”; or “tenderness.”



Jedidiah is a boy “J” name that was bestowed upon King Solomon in the Bible and means “friend of God” or “beloved of God.”



Meaning “dignified,” this Arabic name of Jahir is a classic but unique “J” name for boys.



Another Biblical name for our list, Jonathan was the son of King Saul and dearly loved by David, who would eventually become King. In Hebrew, it means “God has given.”



This Swahili name of Jabali literally means “rock,” but has a meaning more like “he who is as strong as a rock.” Either way, it rocks (ba dum chhh).



Don’t let the “J” in this boy name fool you. While Jovan, a Slavic name, is rooted in “Jove” or “Jupiter,” the “J” here is pronounced like a Y, so Jovan is more like “YO-vun.”



I absolutely love the Japanese name Jobon because it means “he who enjoys cleaniness.” A mom can dream.



Javier is a beautiful Spanish name. Pronounced “ha-vee-AIR,” it is a variation of Xavier and means “new house.” Such a sweet sentiment behind this boy name that starts with “J.”



The ‘90s classic of Jeremy is, I think, due for a comeback. An Old English spin on the Hebrew Jeremiah, Jeremy means “God will uplift.” I also love it for the nickname Remy.



Jiro is a common name from Japan and it means “second son,” so it’s perfect for a little brother who needs a boy name that starts with “J.”



The Spanish version of George, Jorge (pronounced HORE-hay) comes from Greek and means “farmer.”



A French variation on names like Julian or Julius, Jules is pronounced “ZJOOL” (the S, like many last letters in French, is silent) and means “youthful.”



Jian is a name that can be found in a number of cultures. In Hebrew it means “God is gracious” and is where the name “John” comes from. In Chinese, it is predominantly a surname and means “simple” or “health,” among other things depending on the characters used.



Why was every cool boy in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s named Jesse? I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s lost its panache. In the Bible, Jesse is the father of King David and the name means “God exists.”



A Spanish version of the German name Joachim, which is derived from Hebrew (whew!), Joaquin means “established by God.”



While many may associate the name Jeffrey with modern yuppies, the name is actually quite old, dating back to a time when English and German sounded pretty and there was a lot of interplay between the languages. It means “promise of peace.”



OK, I’ll level with you: Jorah is absolutely a name I first heard from Game of Thrones, but it’s a solid name and maybe deserves to become more popular in the real world. And it’s not without precedent! There’s a fleeting mention to Jorah in the Book of Ezra in the Bible, a patriarch whose family came back to Israel after the Babylonian diaspora. It means “autumn rain.”



Jericho is a Palestinian city with a truly ancient history, with evidence of habitation back to the Stone Age. The name roughly translates to “City of the Moon,” which is a pretty impactful name for your little guy.



You either know the name Job from the Bible, the story of a man who kept his faith in God despite terrible and intentional trials and tribulations, or you know it from Arrested Development, where the hapless eldest brother of the family and terrible magician goes by his initials G(eorge) O(liver) B(luth). Either way, it’s got a lot of potential.



Originally used as a surname in England, the name Jarvis means “spear-bearer,” and is a strong choice for a boy name that starts with “J.”



The Latin name Jermaine comes from “Germanus” and means “brother.”



The unisex name Jahari comes from Persian and means “jewel,” making it a very sweet boy name that starts with “J.”



Pronounced “HIGH-ro” (like the first two syllables in the word hieroglyphics), the Spanish name Jairo has origins in Hebrew and means “he shines,” which is such a beautiful way to celebrate a son.



You’ll find the name Johannes (a Latin-inspired variation of John) throughout Germany, Scandinavia, and Holland. It is pronounced yo-HAN-ess.



The place name of Jazer (also spelled Jaazer) was once located east of the River Jordan. It was mentioned in the Bible.



I like Josias, a Latin spin on the more traditional name of “Josiah,” which means “God has healed” in Hebrew.



The modern name Jace is a spin on the Greek name Jason (which is perhaps due for a comeback after flying high in the ‘70s) and has the same meaning: healer.



I feel like every other cool guy not named Jesse when I was a kid was named Joel. The name means “the lord is God.”



A classic for a reason, Jake is a derivative of Jacob (like so many names on this list: work with what you’ve got, people) and means “supplanter.”



Jaén — pronounced hi-EN — is a beautiful city in the south of Spain known for its delicious olive oil and stunning architecture, including castles and cathedrals. It’s the perfect boy name that starts with “J” for your little adventurer.

The “J” boy names certainly don’t stop there, but I hope this is a good start to get your baby naming inspiration flowing.

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45 Boy Names That Start With "J" From Joel & Jace To Jett & Jedidiah (2024)
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