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Earn a business associate degree online

  • $320/credit (60 credits)
  • Transfer up to 45 credits toward your associate degree
  • 24/7 online accessibility – attend class when and where it's convenient
  • Program accredited by ACBSP
  • No application fee or SAT/ACT scores required
  • Increase your earnings with an associate degree

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Associate Degree in Business Online Program Overview

Develop knowledge and skills in accounting, business law, human resource management and marketing in Southern New Hampshire University's Associate of Science in Business Administration program. The associate degree in business administration online is perfect for students who want to start or advance their careers but need a college education to achieve their goal.

With an AS in Business Administration, you'll build business skills employers want to see. Upon graduating, you'll be positioned for success as a team lead or business unit manager in retail, human resources or various other business environments. You'll be prepared to handle crucial administrative tasks like record keeping, ordering supplies and talking to customers.

Since we also accept up to 45 credits toward your associate degree, this program is perfect for those who already have some college experience. Our associate degrees typically require 60 credits and take about 2 years to complete. But as a transfer student, you could satisfy up to 3/4 of your credit requirements – saving you a considerable amount of time and money.

If your goal is to continue to pursue a more advanced business degree, the business administration associate program can be a strong starting point. With a credential under your belt – one that can be completed in half the time it takes to earn a bachelor's – you'll have the opportunity to show employers what you've already accomplished.

"This program is the first of three recommended stepping-stones," said Bernice Bain, associate dean of business at SNHU. "All three can provide additional opportunities for employability in a multitude of business industry and business leadership positions."

Our suite of ACBSP-accredited online programs includes a bachelor's in business degree online and a 30-credit online MBA. That means, if you want to continue your education, you don't have to worry about applying to another school.

Plus, with the option to pursue one of 10+ concentrations for your bachelor's or 15+ concentrations for your MBA, you can earn your business degrees while expanding your expertise in the field that interests you most. Our extensive selection of business programs includes high-demand areas like finance, accounting, marketing and more.

Learn how to:

  • Explore business trends in various historical and cultural contexts
  • Articulate strategies for building shared organizational values, attitudes and beliefs
  • Recognize the impact of social and emotional intelligence on various business contexts
  • Explain ethical principles and core personal values in business decision-making
  • Apply change management theories and concepts in various organizational contexts

Career Outlook

There are many reasons you might consider earning your AS in Business Administration. First, earning an associate degree could make a significant financial impact on your life.

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with an associate degree earn higher median weekly salaries than those with only partial college credit or less.1 In 2021, median weekly earnings for those with a high school diploma were reportedly $809; by comparison, associate degree holders made weekly median earnings of $963 – marking a 19% increase in salary.1

An associate degree can also be a valuable benchmark in your educational journey. Not only will you have a credential that shows employers what you've already accomplished, you'll be that much closer to earning a bachelor's degree and pursuing management-level positions.

Associate Degree in Business Online (3)For Yvette Williams, earning an associate degree in business was the first step to accomplish her goals. Upon graduating in 2019, she was promoted to a business analyst role, moved on to a bachelor's and now has her sights on an online master's degree.

“Earning my degree is important for me because it allowed me to earn a salary that will provide for my family,” Williams said. “My degree program has given me an opportunity to advance my career.”

Plus, if you decide to continue your education, both our bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration offer concentrations to choose from. Have a way with numbers? Consider a concentration in accounting or finance. Passionate about sports? Check out an online business degree with a concentration in sport management. What about healthcare, marketing or entrepreneurship? No matter where you hope to go, we offer a degree program that can help you get there.

Start Your Journey Toward an Online Business Administration Degree

Why SNHU for Your Associate in Business Administration

Admission Requirements

How to Apply

Courses & Curriculum

Associate Degree in Business Online (4)"The AS in Business Administration course content is based on the understanding that we are currently in the Fourth Industrial Revolution," said Bernice Bain, an associate dean of business.

What does that mean exactly? According to Forbes, the Fourth Industrial Revolution describes impending "changes to the way we live, work and relate to one another" through the adoption of technology.2

In the context of AS in Business Administration coursework, that means understanding the way technology shapes business – both now and into the future.

"[These courses offer] an introduction to business trends, diversity considerations, social and emotional awareness as well as exposure to data analytics for business decision-making," Bain said.

Courses were developed with industry experts and designed to help you build a solid foundation in business. You'll explore key practices and principles in accounting, business law, economics, marketing, management and human resources.

You'll also have opportunities to engage with the course material every step of the way. Whether you're receiving feedback from expert instructors, sharing ideas with peers in weekly discussion board posts or using online resources to supplement your learning, you'll never be alone in your journey.

You'll have course materials, resources and tools that emphasize real-world application. Using authentic business scenarios and business data analytics, you'll learn firsthand how to solve key organizational problems.

Last, but not least, you'll develop "soft skills" – like problem solving, communication, diversity inclusion and ethics – that can help you succeed in the workplace.

Curriculum Requirements & Resources

  • General education courses: All associate students are required to take general education classes, if not obtained in prior coursework. Through these foundation, exploration and integration courses, students learn to think critically, creatively and collaboratively, giving you the edge employers are looking for.
  • Technology resources: We provide cloud-based virtual environments in some courses to give you access to the technology you need for your degree – and your career. Learn more about our virtual environments.
  • Earn math credits for what you already know:Save time and tuition with our Pathways to Math Success assessments. Depending on your scores, you could earn up to 12 math credits – the equivalent of 4 courses – toward your degree for less than $50 per assessment. For additional information, or to register for a Pathways to Math Success assessment, contact your admission counselor or academic advisor today.
Full Course Catalog
AS Business Administration
List of Courses
AS in Business Administration
Total Credits: 60

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Tuition & Fees

As a private, nonprofit university, we’re committed to making college more accessible by making it more affordable. That’s why we offer some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation.

We also offer financial aid packages to those who qualify, plus a 30% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty.

Online Undergraduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 30 credits
Degree/Certificates $960 $320 $9,600
Degree/Certificates (U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)* $675 $225 $6,750

Tuition Rates are subject to change and are reviewed annually.*Note: students receiving this rate are not eligible for additional discounts.

Additional CostsNo Application Fee, $150 Graduation Fee, Course Materials ($ varies by course)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an associate in business administration worth it?

Is it better to get an associate degree or a bachelor's?

What can I do with an associate business administration degree?

How much is an associate degree online?

Can you get an associate degree in business online?

What type of associate degree is business administration?

What is a 2-year business degree called?

University Accreditation

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)as well as several other accrediting bodies.

This program and its concentrations are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Student achievement data can be found on College Navigator.

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What is an MBA?


An MBA—or Master of Business Administration—is a graduate-level business degree designed to give professionals the critical knowledge they need to step into management and leadership positions. This advanced degree can include a variety of concentrations, from finance to human resources.

Associate Degree in Business Online (7)

Should I Get an MBA?


While an MBA requires you to invest additional time and money into your education, it can pay off for you personally, professionally and financially. Therefore, it's important that you have a clear reason for pursuing an MBA to get the most out of your experience.

Associate Degree in Business Online (8)

What is Business Administration?


Business administration is a broad field that crosses many different roles and professional settings. It is the work of managing an organization's resources, time and people. Business Administration encapsulates everything from running a business to functioning as a business leader.


Sources & Citations (1, 2)


Is an associates degree in business enough? ›

Yes, an Associates Degree in Business is worth it for many professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business and financial jobs are set to grow at 5% over the next decade, faster than the average for all occupations.

What is the easiest associates degree to get online? ›

Some of its easiest online associate degree programs include Associate of Science in Corrections, Associate of Arts/Science in Outdoor Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Associate of Arts in Anthropology, and Associate of Arts in General Education.

Is an online associate's degree worth it? ›

Yes, an associates degree is worth it and may be a wise investment for many students. According to the Center on Education and the Workforce survey, associate degree graduates earn on average around $400,000 more during their careers than those with just a high school diploma.

How hard is an associate degree? ›

Earning an associate's degree is not hard, according to those who have earned the degree. They said its ease or otherwise depends on the seriousness and dedication with which you tackle your studies.

Is it okay to just have an associate's degree? ›

According to the BLS, people with associate degrees have better prospects for employment and earnings than those who have taken some college courses but haven't received a degree. If you didn't do quite as well in high school as you now realize you could have, an associate degree program is a great starting point.

Is a business degree easy or hard? ›

Generally speaking, a business degree is not the hardest one out there but is not the easiest one either. The level of difficulty depends on your program and university. It is not a secret that some business programs and schools are harder than others.

Are online degrees taken seriously? ›

If an online degree comes from a regionally or nationally accredited school, employers will know that it is reputable. ADVERTISEMENT. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us.

Is an online degree good enough? ›

Although students might worry that their degree will be discounted because it was earned online, for many employers this is not the case. As long as the college awarding the degree was a legitimate one with proper accreditation, the degree is just as valid as one that may have been earned through traditional learning.

What is the quickest associates degree? ›

The associate of arts, accounting technology, business administration, and criminal justice technology degrees can all be completed in 18 months. The degrees in office administration, and supply chain management take 20 months to complete, still four months faster than a traditional associate's degree.

Do online degree have same value? ›

Recognition: Online degrees and on-campus degrees are equally valued and recognized. Online degrees offered by universities are entitled by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and some of them are also accredited by NAAC. This means an online degree is equally valued by employers as an on-campus degree.

What are the disadvantages of an associates degree? ›

  • You may be competing with people with bachelor's degrees for the same jobs. ...
  • Your earnings may be lower than that for people with a bachelor's degree.
  • Getting into managerial or supervisory positions may be difficult without a higher degree.

What pays the most with an Associate's degree? ›

What Are the Highest-Paying Associate Degrees?
  1. Radiation Therapy. ...
  2. Nuclear Technology. ...
  3. Nuclear Medicine. ...
  4. Dental Hygiene. ...
  5. Web Development. ...
  6. Diagnostic Medical Sonography. ...
  7. Aerospace Engineering. ...
  8. Electrical Engineering.

What is the hardest associate degree? ›

What are the hardest degree subjects? The hardest degree subjects are Aerospace Engineering, Law, Chartered Accountancy, Architecture, Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Statistics, Nursing, Physics, Astrophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Astronomy, and Dentistry.

Is it easier to get a job with an associate's degree? ›

Although many U.S. employers are more likely to choose job applicants with a bachelor's degree, workers with an associate degree are still viable in the workforce, experts say. “It depends on which field you are in.

Can I make a living with an associate's degree? ›

There are many well-paying jobs you can get with an associate degree. The list below was composed using data from the BLS and features a range of jobs that not only offer higher annual incomes than the national average but also are projected to grow over the next decade.

Can you skip associate's degree and go straight to bachelors? ›

An associate degree is not a prerequisite to earn a bachelor's degree, you can skip an associate degree and go straight to a bachelor's degree. However, one option you may want to consider is earning your associate degree at a community college prior to transferring to a four-year university.

Is it better to get an associate's degree first? ›

Most students skip the associates and head straight toward working on a bachelor's. The biggest reason they start earning a bachelor's degree right away is because many jobs and professions require it. Otherwise, they won't be considered for the position unless they already have their baccalaureate degree.

What is the easiest degree to get in business? ›

Easiest Business Majors
  1. Human Resources. ...
  2. Marketing. ...
  3. Organizational Leadership. ...
  4. International Business. ...
  5. Business Administration and Management.
Sep 8, 2020

Is a business degree a lot of math? ›

For many aspiring business students, the most harrowing component of the entire experience is the math coursework. The business degree track requires students to take calculus, often a dreaded and difficult experience for many.

What is the easiest degree to get? ›

The 16 Easiest College Majors – 2023 Rankings
  • Psychology.
  • Criminal Justice.
  • English.
  • Education.
  • Religious Studies.
  • Social Work.
  • Sociology.
  • Communications.
Nov 1, 2022

Do employers not like online degrees? ›

Do employers accept online degrees? In general, employers should treat an online degree the same as they would a campus-based degree. Most employers care far more about the quality of the school than the delivery format of the degree.

What are the disadvantages of online degree? ›

Disadvantages of Online Learning
  • Online Learning May Create a Sense of Isolation. Everyone learns in their own manner. ...
  • Online Learning Requires Self-Discipline. ...
  • Online Learning Requires Additional Training for Instructors. ...
  • Online Classes Are Prone to Technical Issues. ...
  • Online Learning means more screen-time.
Dec 26, 2022

Is online college harder than in-person? ›

Many students, however, report online classes as being easier than, or only as difficult as, in-person classes.” Lee, who has taught in distance learning settings, explains that the development of virtual classes is up to the instructor and the institution. For example, some online courses are self-paced.

Will an online degree get me a job? ›

In short, yes. Historically, recruiters have had concerns about unaccredited online programs known for offering degrees to anyone who can pay for it. These days, they're far less concerned – as long as your degree comes with accreditation.

Is online college less stressful? ›

Attending classes online was more stressful than in-person or hybrid instruction for college students early in the COVID-19 pandemic, and teens who learned online reported poorer mental health and lower school satisfaction and academic performance, according to two new studies.

Do online degrees look different? ›

Online Bachelor's Degrees received from brick-and-mortar universities that have an online presence will be indistinguishable from other diplomas and will not indicate whether a degree was earned online or in a traditional setting.

What are the 2 most common associate degrees called? ›

Most associate degrees earned in academic programs are Associate of Arts (AA) or Science (AS) degrees. Associate degrees earned in professional, technical or terminal programs are frequently called Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees, but will sometimes carry the name of the program of study in the title.

Can I get an Associate's degree 2 years? ›

An associate degree is often referred to as a “two-year degree,” because it typically takes about two years to earn one. You'll find associate degree options at a variety of post-secondary institutions, including vocational colleges, community colleges, and traditional colleges and universities.

Does a degree say online on it? ›

The short answer is no, there will be no mention that you took your degree online. Your diploma will look the same as a traditional student attending the brick and mortar institution. Online is only the format you would be taking your education.

Do online degrees say online on them? ›

Employers prefer to see online distance learning diplomas from non-profit universities. Most students are typically worried that the term “online” will be printed on their diploma. Generally, your diploma will not reflect the word “online” on it.

Why are online degrees better? ›

Online College Rankings

Online courses offer flexibility, affordable tuition, and a variety of academic opportunities. Distance learners who want to experience learning on campus can enroll in hybrid courses, which blend classroom instruction with online learning.

What associate degree is worth it? ›

Based on this list, an Associate in Science or Applied Science degree seems to be worth the time, money, and effort, while an Associate in Arts degree might not be, if you're looking to end up in a well-paying job after graduation.

Which is harder Associates or Bachelors? ›

Usually, the coursework load for bachelor students is more intensive than those of associate students. Ultimately, a bachelor's degree requires the completion of approximately 120 semester credits (40 classes), whereas an associate degree requires the completion of roughly 20 classes or 60 semester credits.

Can you make a lot of money with an Associates Degree? ›

The average salary for workers who receive an associate degree is $52,830, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics . The amount you'll earn with an associate degree typically depends on the state you work in, the responsibilities you hold and the industry the company belongs to.

What is the easiest 2 year degree to get? ›

The easiest associate degree to get is an online Associate Degree in General Studies, Liberal Studies, or Education. Although these online associate degree programs have flexible curricula, how easy you find your coursework will depend on your learning abilities and style.

What majors have the lowest GPA? ›

10 Hardest College Majors by GPA
  • Environment Economics and Policy – 2.96 GPA.
  • Engineering Physics – 3.1 GPA.
  • Chemistry – 3.13 GPA.
  • Data Science – 3.24 GPA.
  • Legal Studies – 3.28 GPA.
  • Architecture – 3.33 GPA.
  • Urban Studies – 3.35 GPA.
  • Chemical Engineering – 3.37 GPA.
Jan 15, 2023

What is the #1 hardest major? ›

#1 Chemistry

According to the average Grade Point Average of students in the program, Chemistry wins the prize title hardest major. A Chemistry major overlaps somewhat with biology, but chemistry extends beyond living things.

What are easy majors that pay well? ›

8 Easy Degrees That Pay Well
  • Business Administration. Business administration is one major that is usually considered “easy.” Some programs will also only take 3 years to finish! ...
  • English. ...
  • Human Resources. ...
  • Criminal Justice. ...
  • Marketing. ...
  • Supply Chain Management. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Communication.
Dec 22, 2022

What's next after Associate's degree? ›

There are generally four categories of college degrees: associate degree, bachelor's degree, graduate degree, and doctorate or professional degree.

Does an associate's degree look good on a resume? ›

Associate degrees can be of great help to your resume. And hiring managers would definitely be happy to see one in your Education Section.

How long does it take most people to earn an associate's degree? ›

A typical associate's degree only takes about two years to obtain if you are a full-time student. For some people already in the workforce, trying to get an associate's degree might take a little longer as a part-time student.

What are the benefits of having an associate's degree in business? ›

Let's explore five, key benefits of a Business Administration associate degree.
  • Shorter Time to Completion. Suppose your ultimate goal for your education is to get a job in business. ...
  • Lower Cost Investment. ...
  • Positive Foundation for a Career. ...
  • Career-focused Coursework. ...
  • Increased Potential Earnings.
Jan 30, 2023

What is a 2 year business degree called? ›

A 2-year business degree is called an associate degree. The majority of associate degree programs fall into two categories - Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS).

Is it better to have an Associates and a Bachelors? ›

In other words, students with a bachelor's degree earn nearly 39 percent more per year than those with an associate degree. This difference in long-term earning potential is often enough to make up for the cost associated with earning a bachelor's degree—in short, education pays.

Is a business degree really worth it? ›

A business degree can increase job prospects, create advancement opportunities, and increase your salary and lifetime income. It's a worthwhile investment in your career—now and into the future. You just have to find the right business degree program for you.

How successful can you be with an associate's degree? ›

In general, you can step immediately from school to the work force and make a sizable income. The highest paying associate degree can result in a six figure salary. From technical careers to jobs in the medical profession, we list the best 2 year degrees for landing high paying jobs below.

What is the best associate's degree to get? ›

What Are the Highest-Paying Associate Degrees?
  • Electrical Engineering. ...
  • Aeronautics. ...
  • MRI Technology. ...
  • Radiology Technology. ...
  • Respiratory Therapy. ...
  • Occupational Therapy. ...
  • Mechanical Engineering. ...
  • Network Engineering. Network engineers design, administer, and maintain local and wide area network systems.

Why would someone want an associate's degree? ›

Higher Earning Potential

In addition to increasing your chances of getting employed, your salary is also likely to rise with post-secondary credentials on your resume. On average, employees with associate degrees earn an additional $150 or more weekly than those who only have a high school diploma.

What is the best type of business degree? ›

Best Business Majors/ Specializations
  • Accounting. A degree in accounting aims to teach students how to create financial reports, follow accounting standards and practices, and even carry out audits. ...
  • Management. ...
  • Human Resources (HR) ...
  • Economics. ...
  • Entrepreneurship. ...
  • Supply Chain Management. ...
  • Business Administration.

What should I major in if I want to start my own business? ›

Business administration

If you choose to pursue an undergraduate degree in business, you can also specialize your education to focus on business management or entrepreneurship. Both degree courses can help you develop valuable skills applicable to starting your own business.

Can 2 associate degrees equal a bachelor's? ›

Associate degrees don't offer the same rigor. But at the end of the day, no, two associates degrees do not equate a Bachelors degree. Associates degrees equate to the first two years of a Bachelors degree, so it is missing out on the upper level classes, capstones, theses, etc.

Can you skip your associate's degree and go straight to bachelor's? ›

An associate degree is not a prerequisite to earn a bachelor's degree, you can skip an associate degree and go straight to a bachelor's degree. However, one option you may want to consider is earning your associate degree at a community college prior to transferring to a four-year university.

How long does an associate degree take? ›

A typical associate's degree only takes about two years to obtain if you are a full-time student. For some people already in the workforce, trying to get an associate's degree might take a little longer as a part-time student. Regardless, you'll need a high school diploma to apply (or the equivalent).

Do business degrees pay off? ›

Majoring in business typically pays off. While graduates' earnings and federal student loan debt vary by institution and degree level, the majority of business programs lead to median earnings that are roughly 10 times graduates' debt payments two years after program completion.

Do businesses care about degrees? ›

And remember those critical skills employers are looking for? Having a degree demonstrates that you have those. Many employers are even willing to leave a job unfilled longer so they can fill it with the right degree-qualified candidate. Your future employer cares about your degree, and so should you!

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