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If you’re good at budgeting and have an eye for detail, consider a career in accounting. These jobs compensate well and provide excellent opportunities for growth and fulfillment as essential stakeholders in a company. Continue reading to discover four of the most in-demand accounting jobs of 2022.

The best companies know that accounting and audit professionals are integral to their workforce. In fact, a distinguishing characteristic of a great company is employing the right talent. In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins calls this strategy “getting the right people on the bus.” Good to Great measures a company’s success by looking at individual persons on the team. It proves that the right people will send a company to greater heights by setting the correct benchmarks and behavioral standards. This is particularly true for those in the accounting field.

Employing this strategy at the very onset can get a company into a flywheel cycle and avoid the doom loop. According to Collins, the flywheel cycle refers to the company building a gradual momentum until it eventually runs efficiently, which relies on a solid core accounting staff. On the other hand, the doom loop means taking drastic measures such as frequent layoffs and restructuring that lead to painful company declines.

Accounting and audit professionals can find opportunities in various industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over a million accounting and audit professionals work in the United States. This number is expected to grow exponentially as businesses increasingly rely on them, with about 135,000 openings for accountants and auditors projected each year.

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Here are four of the most in-demand accounting jobs of 2022:

Public Accountants

Public Accountants often work in auditing, tax, and consultancy fields. They have various clients, including corporations, governments, individuals, and non-profit organizations. They can also further specialize in forensic accounting, criminal investigation for financial crimes, and other complex and potentially illegal financial transactions.

To succeed as a public accountant, you need a commitment to excellence and a dedication to constant improvement. Public accountants earn a median salary of $73,560 a year.

Information Technology Auditors

In our “How to Make Working From Home a Success” blog post, we pointed out that remote work is the new standard, with many companies shifting to telecommuting. An information technology auditor is one of those professionals that primarily benefit from this new setup.

Information technology auditors review controls for their organization’s IT systems to ensure that financial and non-financial data come from trustworthy sources. In addition, these professionals test security measures to ensure that company protocols and procedures are reliable. They learn the essential skills through courses that teach the protocols and strategies on how to test them. An information technology auditor earns an average of $79,106 a year.

External Auditors

External auditors ensure the proper management of an organization’s funds, revenue sources, internal controls such as financial data preparation, and the risk management of cybersecurity measures or supply chains. To maintain check and balance, they work for a company outside of the organization they are auditing.

Aspirants for this job must be inquisitive and capable of asking probing questions in a professional manner. Apart from being a good listener, a good auditor is also a natural skeptic. In fact, President Reagan emphasized that their job is to “trust but verify.” They must also be adept in software applications that can help them automate aspects of their work. An external auditor earns a median salary of $64,002 a year.

Database Architect

A global study by International Data Corporation found that data collection by enterprises is expected to increase by 42.2 percent yearly. As a result, database architecture or data analytics are distinguished career options if you are an accountant looking for a career change. With many companies storing substantial amounts of data, the work of data architects is becoming increasingly critical. They primarily assist companies in storing and securing their data. In addition, they often work with upper management and computer engineers to create efficient and effective data structures.

Data architects have a degree in relevant fields such as computer science, computer engineering, and information technology. Each year, they earn an average of $97,480.

Companies benefit from having accounting and audit professionals on their team. In 2022 and beyond, we can expect more opportunities for these professionals because of their vital role in many industries. One more thing,tap hereto discover how to make your LinkedIn profile a winner, orherefor tips on conquering procrastination.

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Career Advice: 4 of the Most In-Demand Accounting Jobs of 2022 - Focus People (2024)
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