Gas Turbine Power Plant – Parts, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages (2024)

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A power generating plant which has gas turbine as the prime mover for thegeneration of electrical energy, is called the gas turbine power plant. The blockdiagram of a typical gas turbine power station is shown in the figure.

In a gas turbine power plant, natural air is used as the working agent. The air iscompressed with the help of a compressor and fed to a combustion chamberwhere heat is added to this compressed air, which increases the temperature ofthe air. The heat to the compressed air is added either by burning fuel in thecombustion chamber or by the use of air heaters.

Then, the hot and compressed air from the combustion chamber is passedthrough the gas turbine where it expands and does the mechanical work, i.e. theheat energy of the compressed air is converted into mechanical energy. The gasturbine drives the alternator which converts the mechanical energy of theturbine into electrical energy.

Also, it is important to note that the compressor, gas turbine and the alternatorare mounted on the same shaft so that the mechanical power of the turbine canbe utilised for the operation of the compressor.

The gas turbine power stations are primarily used as the standby power plantsfor hydroelectric power plants for driving auxiliaries in the power plants atstarting.

Gas Turbine Power Plant – Parts, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages (2024)
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