Interior Architecture and Design | What is it? (2023)

Interior Architecture and Design | What is it? (1)

Architecture and interior design meets and participates inthe design of common spaces. Whether in a home, business, recreational space orwork environment.

The term "interior architecture" has been used todescribe the increased scope and responsibilities of interior designers inrecent times. This, due in large part to improvements in technology, as well asimprovements in interior design education.

But, really, what is interior architecture? Interior architecture is the art of designing spaces. It takes into account the possibleaspects of human spaces and interior design as its solution. Strictly speaking,interior architecture is a subject and not a profession.

This architectural performance makes the interiors acomposition of form, space and color. Obtaining results similar to a movie set.Which can take you through scenarios that stimulate and excite you visually.

It can also refer to the main idea of an architecturaldesign through its redesign and subsequent adaptation. It can also evaluate thearchitectural design by applying adaptive reuse in a building.

This last point is part of various sustainable architecturalpractices. Preserving resources by recycling a structure so that it can beadapted to a new design.


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What do we mean by Interior Architecture?

When you first hear the term "InteriorArchitecture", your first instinct may be to assume that the basicelements of a building's interior are being discussed. The first instinct maybe to assume that it discusses the basic elements of a building's interior suchas walls, floors and ceilings.

But, regardless of the term. These elements are just thematerials that are used to separate us from the outside and the ground we liveon.

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Being an architect or not, we know that you have everwondered what the inside of a building looks like after analyzing it. Or haveyou?

Anyway, that's what a degree in interior architecture is allabout. The function of this character, is consolidated by 3 processes thatencompass the: interior design, architecture and structural design.

Interior design consists of locating and transitioninginterior finishes. These, in turn, include the selection of materials and howthey work together to create the desired look.

Architecture as part of the physical design of the interior.It consists of giving form and scale to fit the intended use of the space andprovide the best internal function of a building.

Structural design, manages the building structure to takeadvantage of any aesthetically pleasing structural elements for a space. Thiscan keep the structure exposed or open up a space vertically to createexpansive spaces. Its management can also be considered in old and new buildingstructures.

Interior architecture is considered a core service of anarchitect and through this a number of engaging experiences can be created. Aslong as the arrangement is structured accordingly.

Where his mission is to express the soul of thearchitectural space entrusted to him. If possible, the architect or interiordesigner will make a new design with the "old", taking on the task ofresearching, imagining, playing with concepts and materials that will create anew personality for the interior spaces and undoubtedly for the environment.

What does an interior architect do?

Interior architecture students are future-oriented andcurious about new social trends, materials and technologies. In interiorarchitecture, people are at the center of the show, where you learn down to thelast detail how to align people, objects and spaces. Therefore, you canpositively influence people's lives.

During your education you link the needs of people to thequalities of spaces. You ask yourself how you can make optimal use of spaces tooffer a new perspective, and how people experience your designs. Light, color,form, structure, furniture, material, time, sound, all play a role. Designtranscends functionality.

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When an interior architect has an open attitude and a visionof people and society you are enterprising and art and science, architectureand design, technology, history and man. They inspire you to take a criticallook at your surroundings by adopting an innate sense of style.

It is suggested that an interior architect should know howto listen carefully to get into the mind of his client. This will enable him tounderstand his needs, his dreams and his lifestyle. Interior architects shouldalso be aware of federal, state and local building codes so that their designsare up to date.

Interior architects are part of the construction orremodeling process from start to finish. They begin their work by meeting withthe client to discuss the expectations of the project.

They draw on their knowledge and references, propose aconcept in embryonic development by digging through fabrics, lighting,atmosphere, colors, and furnishings to come up with a well-grounded concept.Obviously, all of this must remain within budget.

Many courses teach students about the technical structuralelements of buildings, which has begun to blur the line between architectureand interior design.

The role of interior architecture can differ drastically.While one may be more concerned with decoration, furnishings and small-scaleprojects, another may be more concerned with larger projects involvingtechnical, artistic and aesthetic skills. The latter are more likely to havestudied interior architecture.

The changing needs of modern society have made the role ofthe architecturally aware interior architect increasingly prominent. Especiallyin commercial, a building is often re-designed on the interior with only theoriginal shell of the building unchanged. This type of renovation project isthe true realm of interior architecture.

The interior architect is associated with a figure more akinto an interior designer, but in reality interior architecture pays moreattention to the practical and functional aspects such as proper sizing offurniture, respecting the aisles and arranging furniture in a comfortable andfunctional orderly fashion.

Maintaining that the materials and technologies are of goodquality, that there is no potential risk to the health of the users of theseenvironments, that the elimination of architectural barriers and modernizationfor new uses exist in a good acoustic insulation, create a good relationshipbetween energy consumption and comfort, in general, that the whole environmentis in harmony with the size of the architectural spaces.

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Unlike it. An interior designer in the field of decorationdeals with the design of objects and spaces for environments. He or she thinksnot only about aesthetics, but also about functional aspects.

Interior designers with a background in interiorarchitecture are usually present and have a say in all phases of theconstruction process, from the initial plans to the finishing touches.

The practice of this type of architecture requires designersto consider almost everything about the construction of an interior space thataffects human habitation, including materials, finishes, electricalrequirements, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, ergonomics and intelligent useof space.

Job description as an interior architect

The profession of interior architect can be classified asart/design, materials engineering and architecture. Interior architects designand plan interiors taking into account artistic, economic, technical andecological aspects.

The spectrum of tasks ranges from the choice of wallpapercolor, thermal insulation and the correct accentuation of lighting to furnituredesign. They advise, support and represent their clients in all mattersrelating to planning and execution.

To become an interior designer, you usually have to studyfor eleven semesters at a university of applied sciences. At universities,interior design is not offered as a core subject, but as a major or partialaspect of an art or architecture course.

After completing the degree, graduates must demonstrate twoto three years of professional experience before they are allowed to obtain thetitle of interior architect.

Interior designers work in interior design offices,architectural and engineering offices, furniture stores and the furnitureindustry, advertising agencies, television networks and theaters.

Difference between interior architecture and interior design

The terms "architecture," "interiorarchitecture," "interior design" and "interiordecorating" have long been debated. The debate centers on the blurring ofthe lines that define the role and responsibilities of each profession: wheredoes the interior design of a space and architecture begin, and vice versa?

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In recent decades, several factors have increased theambiguity of these titles, including the improvement of interior designeducation.

This, in turn, has increased the scope of the profession andled many interior designers to become more involved in the architectural andtechnical aspects of interior design, and less in the decorative and softfurnishings aspects.

As a result, many interior design courses have been renamedinterior architecture degrees to more accurately reflect what they cover.

Simply put, interior design has more to do with the art ofconstruction and interior architecture leans toward the science.

Courses of this type have also skyrocketed in popularity,producing a growing number of qualified architectural designers, which in turnmakes it more difficult to differentiate between architecture and interiordesign.

Interior architecture and space

Interior architecture constitutes one of the central fieldsof architectural research, playing both a hermeneutical role, linked to thevery idea of architecture, and to the advancement of design research.

The architecture of interiors, as a natural comparison withthe theme of space, is divided into two distinct but complementary entities.

One is linked to the theme of origin and plays a preciseontological role; the other is linked to design experimentation and plays animportant role in the innovation of languages in human corporeality.

If the theme of life is linked to the destiny of interiorarchitecture and the myth of its origin, some architects look to the theme of theinterior as the ideal place for interior design research, linked to theexperimentation of new forms and compositional techniques.

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This sector includes interior design that, starting from thehistorical avant-garde, experiments with new languages through a designoriented to the integration of knowledge: architecture, art, photography,graphics and letters, which is accompanied by the integration of disciplines,cinema, fashion, dance and music.


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