Qatar Airways - Cabin Crew - Assessment Day Guide (2023)

The interest in this job is enormous and the recruitment process exhausting. Only perfectly prepared candidates will become future cabin crew.

Take a look at the following steps to clarify the selection process for Qatar Airways.

1. Company Presentation

Representatives of the airline will present the company, the flight attendant job, and life in Qatar.

Pay attention during the presentation and make notes. Recruiters can ask random questions after the presentation. You will make a good impression if you answer one of the questions.

The next step depends on the number of candidates. You can be divided into two groups. The first group will take an English test and the second group will go to the Reach Test.

2. English Test

It consists of 4 parts:

A) adding missing words

B) answering questions related to given text

C) reading, understanding of text and instructions

D) Writing an essay ranging from 75 to 150 words (topics that appeared earlier: The ethic at the workplace, What’s your qualities, The story of my life.

*In 2019 the Essay writing is no longer part of the English Test

Qatar Airways may also include simple math tasks:

  • ​You are a cabin crew on Doha – London. Local time in Doha is UTC + 3, while local time in London is UTC + 0. If your flight departs from Doha at 8:00 am local time and lands in London at 11:00 local time, how long is your flight on Doha – London?
  • ​On today’s flight, you are responsible for Duty-Free on-board sales. A passenger wants to buy a watch that costs $ 110 and will pay with the Qatar QAR (Qatar Riyal). Today’s rate is USD 1 = QAR 3.65. The passenger pays in cash with QAR 500, – and requests the remainder in USD. He departs from Qatar and no longer needs the local currency. How many USD do you have to return to the customer?

3. Reach Test

There will be tape on the wall at a height of 212 cm. Your task is to reach it with one hand and without shoes (it is allowed to stand on the tip toes).

This may follow: you will draw a paper with a single word. Your task is to say a few sentences on this topic. The word can be any: Charming, Color, Car, Shopping, Small, House, Scuba diving, …

Sometimes recruiters ask questions during the reach test such as: If you have a superpower what would that be? or What qualifications should a politician have?

This test evaluates your ability to respond to an unexpected question.

After that, the elimination of unsuccessful candidates will take place.

4. Group Discussion

You will be divided into groups of 6-8 candidates. Again, it depends on the total number of candidates. The group may be smaller and larger.

Each group gets a task. The task of the group is to find a solution to the problem and present it to recruiters.

Example: There are only 2 vacancies on the plane from London to Doha. Passengers who want to get to this flight are 8. The old couple, a woman with a child, a manager of the company, a couple on a honeymoon, etc. Your task is to decide as a group who takes precedence.

Upon completion of this test, further elimination of the candidates will take place.

*In some Assessment Days, the Group Discussion is omitted

5. Final Interview

The remaining candidates will be invited to the final interview.

Be prepared for questions like:

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • Why do you want to be a cabin crew?

  • Why do you want to join Qatar Airways?

  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your co-worker.

  • What are your strengths?

  • What are cabin crew qualities?

This is an example of the questions to be taken into account. You can be asked for them and you do not have to.

This description of Qatar Airways’ assessment day is just an example. No one can tell you how exactly your assessment day will look like. The airline may change it without prior notice.

Be prepared for your assessment day. This is a unique opportunity that can completely change your life. Fulfill your dream.

Become a cabin crew and travel the world!


How do I prepare for cabin crew assessment day? ›

10 things you MUST Master to Pass the Cabin Crew Assessment Day
  1. 1- Understand the Cabin Crew Assessment Day Process. ...
  2. 2- Plan your Route to the Assessment Day. ...
  3. 3- Personal Presentation and Grooming. ...
  4. 4- Be Good at Networking. ...
  5. 5- Pass any Tests. ...
  6. 6- Demonstrate your Teamwork Skills. ...
  7. 7- Demonstrate your Customer Service Skills.
Jan 25, 2023

Is it difficult to get into Qatar Airways as cabin crew? ›

Qatar Airways offers an excellent standard of living to its employees and thus expects discipline, integrity, and unquestionable performance. The recruitment process automatically becomes difficult for the candidates because of their profiling checks.

What happens on assessment day at Qatar Airways? ›

Qatar Airways Assessment Day

During this session, you will receive an introductory presentation and then be required to sit a series of aptitude tests and an English test.

What happens after cabin crew assessment day? ›

After the assessment day, the airline's recruitment team will review your performance and decide whether to offer you a place on their cabin crew training course. If you're successful, you'll receive an offer letter and details of the training course.

How do you pass an assessment day? ›

Assessment centre tips
  1. are assertive during all exercises.
  2. don't dwell on any mistakes, instead concentrate on performing well in the next task.
  3. ensure that the assessors can see your working methodology.
  4. don't worry about the other candidates, and instead focus on putting your key skills forward.

How do you stand out at an assessment day? ›

Even if you're feeling nervous, putting on a smile is likely to make a good impression. Don't stand back; get stuck into the day. Be enthusiastic, whatever the task. If you're attending an in-person assessment centre, be prepared to initiate conversations with other candidates over lunch and coffee breaks.

Which airline is the hardest to become a flight attendant? ›

For aspiring flight attendants, Delta Air Lines, ranked by its employees as one of the best places to work, is also one of the most difficult places to get a job. It's harder to get invited to Delta flight attendant training than it is to get into Harvard University.

Is Qatar Airways strict with scars? ›

Is Qatar Airways strict about scars? They are strict when it comes to everything. They are very strict especially when it comes to the face. If candidates have deep scars, visible scars, deep moles, large moles or whatever mark they have on their face, they get rejected for that.

Is Qatar Airways interview hard? ›

Qatar Airways Interviews FAQs

Glassdoor users rated their interview experience at Qatar Airways as 67.3% positive with a difficulty rating score of 2.86 out of 5 (where 5 is the highest level of difficulty).

Does assessment day mean you got the job? ›

They are usually attended by a group of candidates normally between 5 and 15 all of whom are being assessed. They are usually held for a full working day and it is important to remember that the assessment day is just a way of finding candidates suitability for the role.

What to wear for Qatar Airways assessment day? ›

Dress pants, skirt, or dress with a non-matching jacket is recommended business professional attire for women. Dress shoes, flats, open-toed (for females) and closed-toed shoes are appropriate.

How long does it take to get hired at Qatar Airways? ›

The entire recruitment process can take up to three months, and you will undergo several interviews during the recruitment period. You can check the status of your application on Sonru.

How do you get accepted for cabin crew? ›

The application process for cabin crew members can include a pre-employment test that measures your personality, an initial job interview and an employment event. The employment event can include screenings for cabin crew positions based on role-playing and group discussions with other cabin crew applicants.

Are cabin crew interviews hard? ›

Cabin crew and flight attendant interviews can be very difficult. If you're not prepared for the questions, you might get overwhelmed.

How many questions do they ask in cabin crew interview? ›

15 general cabin crew interview questions

Why did you leave your previous job, and what are you looking for in a new position? What are three of your strengths that you believe would help you succeed as a cabin crew member? What do you think would be the most challenging part of working as a cabin crew member?

What is the dress code for cabin crew assessment day? ›

Overall, the dress code for an airline assessment is 'business attire', although you may be provided with more guidance ahead of the big day.

What are the assessment activities for cabin crew? ›

The assessment day usually begins with a presentation about the airline and the cabin crew role, followed by group activities and individual exercises. Candidates may be asked to participate in role-plays, group discussions, and problem-solving tasks.

What is a cabin crew medical assessment? ›

It's a medical check that proves whether you are fit enough to do your job in question. Being fit and healthy is crucial for a career as cabin crew – being in the sky all the time, your body will be subjected to mental and physical exhaustion, and you'll be on your feet for long periods of time too.

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