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The Saturn PCB Toolkit is the best freeware resource for PCB related calculations you can find.
It incorporates many features that PCB designers and engineers are in regular need of like current capacity of a PCB trace, via current, differential pairs and much more. Please download our PCB Toolkit today for free and enjoy!

The Saturn PCB Toolkit does not use JAVA and is not subject to the Log4j vulnerability.

Windows Version 8.21 Now!

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In order to understand the PCB Toolkit version differences, I have added this brief description of the version series. If you are not yet familiar with the IPC-2152 then please be aware that there are two separate charts for finding conductor current vs. temperature rise. All online calculators that use the IPC-2221 formula are now obsolete!!!

PCB Toolkit Version 8 series:

No longer uses multipliers for cross sectional area as related to the IPC-2152.

PCB Toolkit Version 7 series:

Functionally the same as the series 6 as related to the IPC-2152.

PCB Toolkit Version 6 series:

Functionally the same as the series 5 as related to the IPC-2152.

PCB Toolkit Version 5 series:

This version uses the IPC-2152 “conservative” chart for finding conductor current vs. temperature rise and also adds the ability to include other PCB parameters that can affect temperature rise (like PCB thickness and plane usage). We have also been working on developing our own formulas for current to get as close as possible to the measured data charts of the IPC-2152. We feel that all values in the version 5 series are within +/-10 of measured values plotted on the charts.

PCB Toolkit Version 4 series:

This version uses the IPC-2152 “conservative” chart for finding conductor current vs. temperature rise. The conservative chart in the IPC-2152 is really just the internal chart from the IPC-2221 so that was the formula used. Version 4 series is accurate to the IPC-2152 but may be too conservative in many cases.

PCB Toolkit Version 3 series:

This version uses the IPC-2221 formula for finding conductor current vs. temperature rise. The IPC-2221 has been superseded by the IPC-2152 for finding conductor current vs. temperature rise and is now obsolete.

Program includes:

PCB Via Current Calculator per IPC-2152

Calculates the current a via needs to raise its temperature over ambient per IPC-2152.
Other via properties include:
Via capacitance
Via inductance
Via impedance
Via step response
Via DC resistance
Via impedance
Via resonant frequency
Via thermal resistance
Via voltage drop
Via power dissipation in dBm

PCB Trace Width Calculator & PCB Trace Resistance Calculator per IPC-2152

Calculates the current a conductor needs to raise its temperature over ambient
per IPC-2152. Now also calculates DC resistance with temperature compensation.
Other conductor properties include:
Conductor skin depth
Conductor voltage drop
Conductor DC resistance
Conductor power dissipation
Conductor voltage drop
Skin depth
Skin depth percentage

Bandwidth Calculator & Max PCB Trace Length Calculator

Calculates the bandwidth of a digital signal and maximum trace length, using the IPC-2251 method or the
frequency domain method, for transmission line effects.

Wavelength calculator
Calculates the wavelength of a signal using Ereff.

Differential Pair Impedance Calculator

Calculates the differential pair impedance of a balanced line.

Edge coupled differential pair
Edge coupled internal symmetric differential pair
Edge coupled internal asymmetric differential pair
Edge coupled embedded differential pair
Broadside coupled shielded differential pair
Broadside coupled non-shielded differential pair

PCB Padstack Calculator

Calculates the outer and inner layer diameters of a padstack given the drill size. BGA land calculator based on the IPC-7351A specification.
BGA Land calculator to determine optimal pad size based on ball diameter.
Conductor to Pad calculator to determine maximum conductor width and pad diameter.
Conductor to BGA land calculator to determine maximum trace width for BGA breakout.
Corner to corner calculator to determine the diagonal distance of a square / rectangular aperture.

Mechanical Data

Calculates wire diameter for a given AWG gauge.
Drill chart with imperial and metric diameters.
Imperial screw thread size chart.

Minimum PCB Conductor Spacing Chart

Calculates minimum conductor spacing’s using peak AC or DC voltage based on IPC-2221A data.

PCB Conductor Impedance’s

Calculates impedance of a PCB Microstrip or PCB Stripline.

Embedded microstrip
Stripline symmetrical
Stripline asymmetrical
Dual stripline
Coplanar structure

Units Conversion Data

Converts C to F, F to C.
Converts mm to mils, mils to mm.
Gain in dB, Voltage gain.
Rectangular to Polar conversion

dBm Chart
SI Prefixes
Ohms Law

Planar Inductor Calculator

Calculates the inductance of a planar PCB inductor.

Square planar inductor.
Hexagonal planar inductor.
Octagonal planar inductor.
Circular planar inductor.

Power Delivery System Impedance Calculator

Calculates the target impedance of a PDN.

Thermal Resistance Calculator

Calculates the junction temperature of a device using thermal resistance.

Embedded Resistor Calculator

Calculates the resistance (Ohms) of an embedded resister based on given geometry.

Crosstalk Calculator

Calculates coupled voltage between two conductors based on rise time, voltage, length and spacing.

Please check back often, this program is updated often per customer requests.

Fusing Current

Uses Onderdonk’s equation to determine the fuse current of a conductor.

Effective Dielectric Constant Calculator

Uses theE. Hammerstad and O. Jensenequation to determine effective dielectric constant of a microstrip.

Does not apply to V8.0 or higher:
Please note that when using the IPC-2152 with modifiers option, the amperage value has a slight drop at 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,200,300,400,500,600 & 700sqmils. This is due to a multiplier used for each cross sectional area range. All values are within +/-10% of the chart values however. If you do not need to minimize conductor width on your PCB, you can use the IPC-2152 without modifiers option where there is no multiplier effect.

Saturn PCB Toolkit - Saturn PCB Design (3)

Version 8.21 Updates & Additions:

Corrected cross sectional area computation error in the conductor calculator.
Removed the notification area program icon and associated RMB menu.

Version 8.20 Updates & Additions:

Corrected comma as dp issues
Changed all outputs to comma as dp when set accordingly
Disabled the crosstalk calculator
Added crosstalk in the differential pairs calculator.
Updated the EULA
Updated the Saturn PCB Presentation
Created an extensive help file
Added rounding to all numerical edit boxes
Various bugfixes and enhancements

Version 8.10 Updates & Additions:

Corrected USB 2.x target impedance.

Version 8.09 Updates & Additions:

Corrected the V8.08 metric error.

Version 8.08 Updates & Additions:

Added a differential signal protocol dropdown list for reference.
Updated all frequency radio groups to include GHz.
Added insertion loss to the differential via calculator.

Version 8.07 Updates & Additions:

Rebuilt with the latest version compiler.
Updated the code signing certificate.
Updated differential pair vias graphic.
Added an EDA Resources menu item.
Added a help button to the XTAL Capacitor Value calculator.

Version 8.06 Updates & Additions:

Corrected target zdiff vs calculated zdiff with respect to the tolerance values.

Version 8.05 Updates & Additions:

Added a 2:1 option for etch factor.
Fusing Current calculator now takes etch factor into account.
Added series / parallel capacitor calculator to the ohms law tab.
Added series / parallel inductor calculator to the ohms law tab.
Fixed the clock display issue in the status bar.

Version 8.04 Updates & Additions:

Changed all forms to open on screen center.

Version 8.03 Updates & Additions:

Added an XTAL capacitor value calculator.
Fixed typos in some of the error messages.

Version 8.02 Updates & Additions:

Changed Voltage Rail default from 3.3 to 5 in order to help comma users.
Re-added all of the social media icons.

Version 8.01 Updates & Additions:

Corrected minor image bug in the differential vias calculator.

Version 8.00 Updates & Additions:

Replaced cross sectional area multipliers with polynomials to reduce step errors.
Reorganized all tabs and calculator menu items in alphabetical order.
Replaced / updated most images for better viewing on dark theme.
Rewrote the Fusing Current calculator and added a multiplier.
Rewrote the PDN Impedance calculator, old formula was too confusing.
Added 2 conductors thru-hole and BGA to the padstack calculator.
Added option to select between default asymmetrical stripline formula and the IPC and Wadell formulas.
Added a Windows10 theme.
Changed PCB Toolkit icon.
Many bug fixes and improvements…

Version 7.13 Updates & Additions:

Added three different color themes in addition to the standard Windows color theme.
Added “Solve for LED Current” mode in the Ohms Law calculator.

Version 7.12 Updates & Additions:

Changed edit box code to remove annoying beep when pressing enter.
Added a Saturn PCB Design, Inc. digital signature certificate to the program for security.
Changed GBaud/s to Gbaud in the Differential Vias tool.

Version 7.11 Updates & Additions:

Fix an issue for comma user where 10.5 was an invalid default value.
Increased maximum conductor length in the Conductor Properties tab to 1,200,000mils.
Added a lookup table for the value of copper resistance over temperature for increased accuracy.
Added a differential via calculator to the Via Properties tab.
Various name changes and bug fixes.

Version 7.10 Updates & Additions:

Added aspect ratio limits for vias.

Version 7.09 Updates & Additions:

General cleanup of text and panels.
Added a parallel resistor calculator to the Ohms Law tab.

Version 7.08 Updates & Additions:

Fixed registry issue during install.
Increased maximum conductor length to 40″.

Version 7.07 Updates & Additions:

Program now retains copper weight settings within runtime.
Added Megtron6 to material list.
Added menu items for PCB Manufacturing and Assembly.

Version 7.06 Updates & Additions:

Removed Google+ icon.
Minor dialog box cleanup.

Version 7.05 Updates & Additions:

Added period input to Wavelength calculator.
Minor dialog box cleanup.

Version 7.04 Updates & Additions:

Fixed an issue when sending ErEff to Wavelength calculator when comma used as decimal point.
Added Watts to resistor dividers in Ohm’s Law calculator.

Version 7.03 Updates & Additions:

Added note when solving for conductor width.
Fixed frequency radio group for Signal Calculator.

Version 7.02 Updates & Additions:

Changed the default substrate back to FR-4.
Changed the form scaling to eliminate display issues.

Version 7.01 Updates & Additions:

Fixed a few issues with comma use as the decimal point.

Version 7.00 Updates & Additions:

Added Ohm’s Law calculator.
Added LED resistor value calculator.
Added resistor divider calculator.
Added PI pad calculator.
Added T pad calculator.
Added XC XL reactance calculator.
Added groupbox’s for all frequency inputs.
Fixed copper weight not updating in Dual Stripline calculator.
Added registry error detection and install box.
Changed splash screen.
Changed defult install path.

Version 6.89 Updates & Additions:

Increased the maximum thermal via count to 999.
Increased maximum Er value in via calculator to 350.
Corrected “The PTH via pad diameter should be larger than via hole diameter” error.
Added drill sizes to chart.
Added YouTube icons for future training and help videos.
Added protection against <501V on conductor spacing tab.
Updated spacing chart to IPC-2221B.

Version 6.88 Updates & Additions:

Added a number of new PCB substrates to the materials selection.
Changed the Dual Stripline graphic.
Changed a number of EditBox Hints.
Added divide by zero protection on many of the EditBox’s.

Version 6.87 Updates & Additions:

Added the option to disable Via Height for temperature rise calculations.
Corrected the Tpd formula for the Microstrip calculator.
Added some metric screw sizes in the Mechanical tab, more to come here.
Added a separate BGA input for the Padstack calculator to determine maximum trace width between BGA lands.

Version 6.86 Updates & Additions:

Changed the PDN Impedance tab to Plane Calculator.
Added Plane Capacitance calculator.
Fixed an invalid floating point error when Er = 1 in the Er Effective calculator.

Version 6.85 Updates & Additions:

Fixed missing .dll error during runtime.

Version 6.84 Updates & Additions:

Fixed spalshscreen issue.
Program run under the latest compiler.
Added a via count to the via thermal resistance calculator.
Removed installer background to reduce file size.

Version 6.83 Updates & Additions:

Fixed the installer license issue.
Program run under the latest compiler.

Version 6.82 Updates & Additions:

Changed the microstrip impedance calculator formula to a complex version for accuracy.
Changed the RO3250 Er to 3.66
Minor bug fixes and corrections.

Version 6.81 Updates & Additions:

Corrected S/H and W/H formula for the Edge Coupled Embedded differential pair calculator.
Complied under the latest toolset.

Version 6.8 Updates & Additions:

Added an Effective Dielectric Constant calculator.
Added more clarity to the wire gauge chart boxes.
Changed the Corner to Corner calculator, added suggested drill sizes.
Changed the planar inductor images to better match the IEEE datasheet.
Added a menu item for the EULA.
Added a Known Issues menu item.Display issues solved! See the link if you have this issue.
Various other menu additions.

Version 6.71 Updates & Additions:

Corrected installer issue where .exe file was placed on desktop rather than a shortcut.

Version 6.7 Updates & Additions:

V6.7 uses a new installer, please manually uninstall any previous version.
Compiled program with the latest version compiler.
Corrected Mechanical info, amperage labels were reversed.
Added new social media icons.
Other minor fixes.

Version 6.64 Updates & Additions:

Corrected “?” tooltip for coplanar wave in the Conductor Impedance calculator.

Version 6.63 Updates & Additions:

Corrected a /1000 error in the Signal Calculator for Inches.

Version 6.62 Updates & Additions:

Added Twitter logo to main form.

Version 6.61 Updates & Additions:

Changed some of the Conductor Impedance formula restrictions to match the IPC-2251.
Changed Invalid Input to Warning.
Added frequency input to the Signal Calculator.

Version 6.6 Updates & Additions:

Fixed Via Inductance output in Imperial mode. Was working on a new formula for the beta and forgot to take it out.
Added a new series of images in the Conductor Calculator.

Version 6.52 Updates & Additions:

Added corner to corner measurement to Padstack Calculator.
Corrected metric value of co & lo in the Conductor Impedance calculator.
Corrected conductor current value bug where options setting did not reset parallel conductors selection when IPC-2152 without modifiers or IPC-2221A were selected.
Added IPC versions to the Via Calculator in the options dialog box.
Updated Saturn PCB Design Presentation to Rev. E.
Added Polar / Rectangular converter to Conversion Data.
Added Degrees / Radians converter to Conversion Data.

Version 6.51 Updates & Additions:

Added more functionality to the Maximum Pad Diameter calculator in the Padstack Calculator tab.

Version 6.5 Updates & Additions:

Added a Maximum Pad Diameter calculator in the Padstack Calculator tab.
Fixed Plane Present tooltip typo.

Version 6.4 Updates & Additions:

Corrected a conversion issue in the asymmetrical stripline calculator when switching between metric and imperial units.
Changed the Tpd units of time from ns to ps in the Conductor Impedance calculator. Need to verify formula, IPC uses a geometry independent formula.
Added voltage drop to the Via Calculator.

Version 6.31 Updates & Additions:

New icons for Facebook and LinkedIn pages. No functional changes.

Version 6.3 Updates & Additions:

Fixed Solve for Current vs. Solve for Aperage discrepency due to etch factor setting.

Version 6.2 Updates & Additions:

Fixed “0.7” is not a valid floating point value. issue.

Version 6.1 Updates & Additions:

Changed the Internal Asymmetric Differential Pair formula for better accuracy.
This along with the Internal Symmetric Differential Pair formula and still under review and need to be changed but they are both within an acceptable tolerance now.

Version 6.0 Updates & Additions:

Changed planar inductor calc to modified Wheeler formula.
Added round, square, hexagonal & octagonal planar inductors.
Added ability to read in comma as a dp. You no longer need to change the system dp for program to work.
Outputs are still in “.” but all inputs now accept the “,”.

Version 5.8 Updates & Additions:

Changed the formula for Sr in the IPC-2251 Method of the Bandwidth Calculator.
IPC-2251 stated formula is in error.

More work to come on he Signal Properties calculator…

Added Alron 85N to the substrate list

Version 5.71 Updates & Additions:

Corrected DC resistance error in metric mode.

Version 5.7 Updates & Additions:

Added a conductor crosstalk calculator.
Minor menu item changes.

Version 5.65 Updates & Additions:

Corrected imperial values for Conductor Spacing calculator in B3 mode for 251-500V

Version 5.64 Updates & Additions:

Added PPM Calculator for crystal toloerance values.
Added Via Thermal Resistance output to Via Properties.

Version 5.63 Updates & Additions:

Fixed startup error in Signal Properties calc in metric mode.
Added Etch Factor note in Conductor Properties.
Added minimum width limit to Conductor Width in Conductor Properties calc to prevent a negative cross section value.

Version 5.62 Updates & Additions:

Removed conductor width derating and replaced it with conductor etch factor.

Version 5.61 Updates & Additions:

Fixed metric wavelength value.

Version 5.6 Updates & Additions:

Fixed Edge Coupled Int Asym diff pair calc. (Had beta formula still in code) Still a work in progess for this calc. Added dB gain to Conversion Data tab. (Still work in progress, more to come on this)

Version 5.5 Updates & Additions:

Added embedded resistors tab.
Fixed DC resistance in metric mode for conductor calculator.

Version 5.4.1 Updates & Additions:

Corrected the embedded differential pair calculator.

Version 5.4 Updates & Additions:

Corrected the W/H and S/H error in the broadside differential pair calculator. (B7) Removed the T/H label from the CPW claculator. (B6) Changed the “Top Side Conductor Percentage” to “Conductor Width Derating” (B5) This may change again or go aways as we look for a better way to handle this. Changed stipline formula restriction to 0.1 < W/H <2.0. (B4) Corrected improper location of “Invalid” flag in coplanar waveguide calculator. (B4) Corrected outer pad diameter error in padstack calculator for metric setting. (B3) Fixed Er Eff decimal point issue. (B2) Seperated fusing current from conductor properties calculator. Added a “Solve for Condutcor Width” option for IPC-2151 without modifiers and IPC-2221A calculators. Repalced internal (hard codeed) conductor trapazoid shape adjustment with settabe percentage in options Updated asymetric stripline calculator formula to Brian C. Wadell formula. Fixed IPC-2152 with modifiers not being selected at program startup after user sets this option. Fixed error message in 2 layer via calculator when entering a larger than defaul value for via hole diameter.

Version 5.32 Updates & Additions:

Added notes next to H1 / H2 in asymmetric stripline calculator.

Version 5.31 Updates & Additions:

Fixed outer pad diameter error in padstack calculator.
Fixed drill chart text wrap error.

Version 5.3 Updates & Additions:

Updated installer to support Windows 7.
Updated formulas for all of the conductor impedance models.
Updated formulas for all of the differential pair impedance models.
Added ability to include Er effective to the wavelength calculator.
Changed how the wire gauge calculator works, added max amps in air.
Added edge coupled embedded differential pair to calculator.
Added inches and um to conversion data.
Fixed “Enter copper weight manually” display issue.
Added imperial units to the minimum conductor spacing calculator.
Added indicator to show when differential impedance is within tolerance of a target impedance.

Version 5.2 Updates & Additions:

Fixed Temprise & Ambient Temp enable / disable when Fuse current vs. Time mode selected after user exists Conductor Properties.
Fixed Temprise C vs. F scale.

Version 5.1 Updates & Additions:

Plating Thickness now disables when internal layer is selected for conductor properties.
Plane Distance now disables when fuse current option is selected for conductor properties Added IPC version to options for conductor current.
Fixed Temprise F scale when 0C is selected.
Updated default values for via settings.

Version 5.0 Updates & Additions:

Significantly changed how the program calculates amperage to better match the IPC-2152 charts.

Please note that the amperage value has a slight drop at 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,200,300,400,500,600 & 700sqmils. This is due to the multiplier used for each cross sectional area range. All values are within +/-10% of the chart values however.

Version4 series PCB Toolkit follows the new IPC-2152 chart as well but uses the general chart which can be too conservative in some applications. Implementing the new IPC-2152 has been no easy task since no new formulas were produced in the document. This has forced us to derive at our on formulas for current vs. temprise so please check back often for updates to this V5 beta program.

Added microvia current vs. temprise support
Added power dissipation in dBm for via and conductor calculator
Added dual monitor support for dialog boxes
Added broadside coupled differential pair support
Added imperial units support to spiral inductor calculator
Added embedded microstrip support for conductor impedance
Added coplanar waveguide support for conductor impedance
Added degree symbols
Fixed F to C conversion for temprise
Fixed dropdown menu control vs. tab control
Added close button to about dialog box
Fixed Conductor Impedance selection list from B2
Added “Program Options” menu item for manually entering copper weight
Fixed install directory issue, now installs to V5 directory.
Added DC option for frequency input

Previous Versions:

V4.0 Updates & Additions:

  • Updated current capacity formulas per the new IPC-2152 specification
  • Comma detection for European systems
  • Added units conversion tool
  • Invalid floating point in Impedances tool fixed
  • Added planar inductor calculator
  • Updated drill chart
  • Updated wire chart, added resistance, max amps
  • Added Power Delivery Network Impedance calculator
  • Added Thermal Resistance tools
  • PCB Thickness now included in current capacity
  • Added parallel conductors mode

Program Revision History

Version 4.6.1

Corrected copper plane thickness index when switching between imperial and metric units.

Version 4.6

Corrected copper weight issue in the Impedances program for metric stripline.
Plane thickness now shows metric weights when in metric mode.
Conductor temperatures properly read “N/A” when disabled.

Version 4.5

Added de-rating for fiberglass substrates for via and conductor properties. This affects total amperage value due to substrates having different thermal properties.
Corrected Microstrip / Stripline plating option error
Added conductor inductance to the conductor impedance calculator

Version 4.4

Added Carriage Return functionality for “Solve”
Fixed spelling errors in the padstack calculator
Updated Tab controls in programs

Version 4.3

Changed GUI to consolidate options
Added plane selection in conductor calculator

Version 4.2

Added more resolution to the PCB thickness input
Fixed error in previous version’s external conductor calculation

Version 4.1.1

Added skin depth to the fusing current portion of the conductor calculator

Version 4.1

Added skin depth to the conductor calculator

Version 4.0.1:

Increased Signal slider bar for wavelength to 1/20
Changed default values for planar inductor calculator
Fixed text in BGA land diameter calculator

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