Teacher Salary by Country 2023 (2023)

Teacher Salary by Country 2023 (1)Teacher Salary by Country 2023 (2)

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Teacher salaries vary from country to country depending on the country's salary and remuneration laws, the experience level, and the level of teaching, among other factors. Below is a list of the teacher salary by country to help you decide where you can work as a teacher.


According to an OECD report, Luxembourg (a European country) has the highest-paid teachers in the world. Another source indicates that a bachelor's degree holder is entitled to an initial salary of €67,000 (US $70,323.20) per annum at the start of their teaching career.

The salary is expected to increase by €20,000 (US $ 20,992) and €31,000 (US $31,488) by the end of 10 and 15 years, respectively. Further, the salary is expected to hit a peak of €119,000 (US $ 124,902.40) after 30 years, translating to a €52,000 (the US $ 54,579.20 ) pay increase from their starting salary. A teacher with a master's degree is expected to earn a higher salary than a degree holder.

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By looking at the salary trend, it is evident that the salary increases in the country are based on education and experience.


Switzerland ranks among the countries with the highest teacher salaries in the world. According to sources, a high school teacher is entitled to a compensation of 71,500 Fr (US $73,646.93) at the start of their career, including bonuses, overtime allowances, and tips.

On the other hand, an experienced teacher (10-19 years) in the country is expected to receive a salary of 90,246 Fr (the US $ 94,722.20) based on 13 salaries. Further, a teacher is entitled to a compensation of 91,074 Fr (US $ 95,591.27) if they have accumulated more than 20+ years of experience.

The country uses the experience level and educational qualifications to determine the teacher salaries. More specifically, a holder of a master's degree will earn a higher salary than the one with a bachelor's degree.

Note: one should have a bachelor's degree in education to qualify as a high school teacher in the country.


Germany ranks second after Luxembourg in the OECD listing of the countries with the highest teacher salaries. According to sources, the teacher salaries in Germany go as low as1,300 EUR ( US $1,364.48) for starter teachers and 4,500 EUR (US $ 4,723.20) for experienced teachers. In other words, teachers are salaried based on their experience level.

More specifically, a starter teacher (barely two years of experience) earns up to 1,480 EUR (US $1,553.41) per month. On the other hand, a teacher who has accumulated between 2 and 5 years of experience should get approximately 1,980 EUR (US $ 2,078.21),

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Moving forward, the salaries should be awarded as indicated in the table below:

Experience level and salary per month

  • 5 to 10 years - 2,920 EUR (US $3,064.83)
  • 10 to 15 years - 3,560 EUR (US $3,736.58)
  • 15 to 20 years - 3,880 EUR (US $4,072.45)
  • 20 years and above - 4,200 EUR (US $4,408.32)

Teacher Salary by Country 2023

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Teacher Salary by Country 2023


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