TOP FIVE Jobs in Demand in Germany – Get jobs easily NOW! (2023)

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  1. 1. Electronics Engineer
  2. 2. Computer Science, IT professionals and Software Developers
  3. 3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. 4. Account Managers / Business analysts
  5. 5. Civil Engineer / Architecht

Lowest unemployment rates, high demand of qualified employees, and top-notch work culture, Germany is emerging as one of the best places to work for students and working professionals all over the world.
But before you book your next flight to Germany, let me tell you the top High Demand Jobs in Germany right now. And also the basic requirements for these jobs!

But here’s a disclaimer! In this post, we will try to specifically focus on the job opportunities in the Engineering and Management field. So are you someone who’s looking for jobs in either Engineering or in Management positions in Germany? Then jump right in and we explore together the Top 5 High Demand Jobs in Germany!

And before we begin, two things you should keep in mind:
1. In Germany specializations are rewarded, the more specialized you are the more valuable an employee you become in the job market.
2. Degree, or conventional study is still valued here. For example, someone with a Masters degree will get paid more than someone who doesn’t have a degree. Also in some cases, students from TUs are given more preference than students from FH.

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But at the end of the day, your knowledge, experience, and German skills will make the cut for you to get a high demand job in Germany.

So here are the top 5 high demand jobs in Germany:

1. Electronics Engineer

The demand of Electronics Engineers is on the rise again in Germany. And the monthly median salary that you can expect is 5167€ per month. There are multiple good companies that you can get a job in, if you are from this field. Companies like Siemens, Bosch. NXP Semiconductors have their headquarters in Hamburg and I know many students from my university Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) who are working there right now. Again, having a Masters degree or a degree will help you in getting a job in this field and also in your career growth!

2. Computer Science, IT professionals and Software Developers

Computer science and IT is a job in High Demand in Germany right now. Having a Masters degree helps. But along with a degree, you should also have a portfolio of your previous works! This means – the previous projects you have worked on, your Github profile, and so on. Since IT professionals and software developers are in High demand right now in Germany you can also make a cross-functional switch in this domain! So what does this mean?
This means, you can do your Masters in Electronics Engineering but during your Masters you can pick up coding skills, and based on that you can land a job. Yes! This is the demand for qualified IT professionals in Germany right now!
The median salary you can expect in Computer Science, software developers and IT will be around 5424€ per month. Another major advantage for professionals in this field is you can find plenty of jobs in English in this field!

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TOP FIVE Jobs in Demand in Germany – Get jobs easily NOW! (1)

3. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers have always been in high demand in Germany. And it’s well-known fact that studying Mechanical Engineering in Germany is one of the most sought-after dreams for many international students.
And there is a reason for this.
Germany has always been a Global Leader when it comes to Mechanical Engineering. And you’d also be amazed to know that Mechanical engineering is one of the most important industries for the German economy!
Being one of the world’s leading machine manufacturers, Germany also houses some of the most important global Mechanical and automotive companies. Mercedes Benz, Porsche Audi, BMW, Siemens, Bosch – you name it. All are German brands! And yes when you come to Germany you can easily work for these giants! Also, there are plenty of SME s and startups you can explore and use your high demand skillsets of Mechanical Engineering.
The median salary you can expect as a Mechanical Engineer in Germany is 4930€ per month.

TOP FIVE Jobs in Demand in Germany – Get jobs easily NOW! (2)

4. Account Managers / Business analysts

Business management professionals are and will always be in high demand anywhere around the world. And Germany is not an exception either. The business administration professionals and students from commerce background can work as Account Managers, Business Analysts and also other areas of the business such as Marketing, sales and Human resource management. You can also work in Major Consulting firms like PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, Boston consulting, and McKinsey. You can also get a job in the German evergreen SME sector also!
One important thing you should keep in mind, you need a C1 level German proficiency to get a job in any management role you can think of. The reason for this is, while managing your subordinates you have to speak in German to convey your message because most of them wouldn’t be proficient in English. And also to speak with the stakeholders of the business, you need to speak in German as most business owners in Germany would prefer to speak German over English any day. To know more about learning German, you can click here.
The median salary you can expect in this sector is 4679€ per month.

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TOP FIVE Jobs in Demand in Germany – Get jobs easily NOW! (3)

5. Civil Engineer / Architecht

You can get a job in Germany in the field of Civil Engineering and architecture if you finish your graduation (Masters or Bachelors). Although, having a Masters degree is the preferred norm in the industry. But this shows the High Demand that Civil Engineers and the associated specializations have in Germany.
Also, most of the buildings and historical structures in and around Germany are getting renovated quite often, architects and civil engineers are needed in high volumes here also.
You’d need German C1 level proficiency to get a good job in this field and the median salary you can expect is 4099€ per month. Some of the major German brands you can work for as a civil engineer in Germany are Hochtief, Bilfinger, Züblin AG.

Still confused? You can also check out the video below!

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What jobs are in demand in Germany right now? ›

  • Computer science / IT and software development.
  • Electronics engineering.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Account management and business analytics.
  • Nursing and Healthcare.
  • Civil engineering and architecture.

What jobs are easy to get in Germany? ›

TOP FIVE Jobs in Demand in Germany – Get jobs easily NOW!
  • Electronics Engineer.
  • Computer Science, IT professionals and Software Developers.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Account Managers / Business analysts.
  • Civil Engineer / Architecht.

What is in high demand in Germany? ›

Data science and information technology (IT) experts are in high demand in Germany due to the country's strong economy and high technological development. As businesses increasingly rely on data to make informed decisions, there is a growing need for data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence experts.

Which skilled workers are in demand in Germany? ›

The healthcare, IT, engineering, and construction sectors are among the most affected by the skilled worker shortage in Germany.


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