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Microelectronic Pills Stepper Motor & its Application Optical fiber communication Electronic Ballast Storage area network Traditional and 3D modeling Control of environment parameter in a greenhouse Cybersecurity Communication Network Design Thermal & Infrared Imaging Technology Artificial Eye Packet Switching chips Aeronautical Communications Performance Evaluation & EMI/EMC Testing of Energy Meter Space mouse Low energy efficiency wireless Reactive Power Consumption in Transmission Line Big data visualization Brain-Computer Interface Mesh Radio Fusion Technology Bi-CMOS technology Renewable Energy Source Biomass Agent-oriented programming Tsunami warning system Android Smartphone technology Touch screen technology CAN-based Higher Layer Protocols and Profiles Feeder Protective Relay 3D image technique and multimedia applications Air cars Biometric technology Electronic watchdog Night vision technology Advanced technique for RTL Ultra-wideband technology Bio-magnetism DC Arc Furnace Global positioning system and its application Pill camera Animatronics BIBS Debugging Turbo codes Bimolecular Computers PC interfaced voice recognition system Telephone conversation recorder Future Satellite Communication Nano-technology Future generation wireless network Next-generation mobile computing Smart antenna for mobile communication Mobile train radio communication Augmented reality Matter & Energy Interactive public display The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System Cellular digital packet Data Flexible A C Transmission Quality of electrical power. Radial Feeder Protection Smart dust core architecture. Traffic pulse technology Virtual Reality Blue eyes technology Seminar on artificial passenger Telecommunication Network Organic electronics Application of Swarm Robots Autonomic Computing BIOCHIPS The making of quantum dots FAQs

Being a student means giving your best, bringing the best, searching for something new, and presenting the same, especially if you are an engineering student.

For an engineering student, research and presentation become an integral part.

Finding the best topics to research and presenting the same can bring new opportunities for you.

Are you an Engineering student? Are you looking for awesome presentation ideas for your seminar?

We have also explained each topic briefly. Here is the post of the interesting ideas for your topics:

  • Microelectronic Pills

    Yes, pills aka (also known as ) medicines. Using a nano-tech baby again to make a pill that is ultra-small and covered with resistant polyether. It has a circuit design, battery, and much more. It is difficult to design and not reusable but has some fair advantages too like determining the pH value of blood, etc. Seems good.

  • Stepper Motor & its Application

    Its applications are 3D printing, medical imaging, milling and many more. It’s just like another motor converting electrical power into mechanical power but what is the difference between this and a simple motor is it is brush-less. You can go on talking about its uses in industry.

  • Optical fiber communication

    You know Jio is working on this. Tata companies already established one in foreign. You have learned its advantages but the only problem is that we have to change the existing systems and then implement this. So it will take little time but it is surely coming in the world in the future. So information can travel faster, you can watch your live streams in seconds. And will be cost-effective.

    Learn more about Optical Fiber

  • Electronic Ballast

    It’s is a device that basically limits the amount of electric current in the circuit. It does so by a series connection with a load. It’s simple but highly useful. It does this through the principle of electrical gas discharge. Okay, too much technicals. But it is a very good presentation and one of the good topics in general.

  • Storage area network

    It is a data storage. Has a lot of modern uses. One such use is creating multiple data points and improving data security. It can be easily scaled and has centralized storage.

  • Traditional and 3D modeling

    You make 3 models for documentation and displays. Used in films, computer graphics, gaming, interior design, and many more. And you know this is great technology to see. If you are interested in this topic, you can email any companies who do 3D modeling. And see it in real life. It’s truly an awesome experience to see what goes in the background.

  • Control of environment parameter in a greenhouse

    Natural resources are depleting day by day. So this project deals with using the minimum amount of resources to yield maximum results. Research is done to improve efficiency. WE Truly need this as the population is increasing and crops are not yielding properly.

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  • Cybersecurity

    Securing your online presence. Everyone does not become ethical hackers and everyone does not become scammers. So with improvement in technology we need more and more security. This is a vast area to cover, so you can have many opportunities to get a good research and present well.

  • Communication Network Design

    There are many types of Communication Network design- LAN, MAN, WAN, Wireless, Internet. So you can see that this is another broad area to cover. You cannot get to show practical demonstration except for algorithms and network diagrams. That is one disadvantage yet still this is one of the revolutionary inventions of this century.

  • Thermal & Infrared Imaging Technology

    Its applications are in industries, surveillance, construction, and many more. It allows us to visualize the heat emitted. We can understand it’s very important in modern-day comparatively. It’s an interesting and really very good project to work on.

  • Artificial Eye

    Yes, Doctors make an artificial eye to replace our damaged eyes. It’s really jaw-dropping. People can’t seem to find much difference between an artificial eye and a normal one.

  • Packet Switching chips

    The art of sending information in form of packets. Packets are made of a header and a payload. Computer Nerds, you hearing me, right? You will like learning about this. Wait a minute, you may know about this. Even if you know or not, it’s a fascinating topic.

  • Aeronautical Communications

    You guessed it right, aeronautical communication is all about sharing data between aircraft and control centers. This is a highly specialized division. Communications such as aircraft-to-ground, aircraft-to-aircraft, and aircraft-to-satellite.

  • Performance Evaluation & EMI/EMC Testing of Energy Meter

    Energy meters or basically the meter present down at your house (if you are living in an apartment)
    can be manipulated. You read that. Now we think I wish I knew this before. But it’s illegal. I guess…How? By Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). So this topic is how to evaluate your current properly.

  • Space mouse

    I suddenly remembered Jerry from Tom & Jerry. Sorry. Space mouse is even cooler. It’s like a joystick but to control your 3D models that are present in your virtual screen. I have never controlled a 3D model using a space mouse. But I sure want to see it.

  • Low energy efficiency wireless

    It’s forming a network that is both cheap and efficient. What else we need. This is decent and I will not say very easy but it’s kinda simple. Simply Good. You will need to design a network for this.

  • Reactive Power Consumption in Transmission Line

    Reactive power reduces effective power in the transmission line that comes to your home. But still, it is needed to move active power. So research is about how much reactive power does a transmission line consumes.

  • Big data visualization

    127 Trending Presentation Topics for Engineering Students » Trending Us (2)

    You can visualize data in the form of charts, diagrams, and basically an image. That is exactly what this is all about. Google chart is the best example of Big Data Visualization. There are a plethora of new ways being invented to this.

  • Brain-Computer Interface

    So we connect the brain with an external device. The idea is old yet we do not have a proper working prototype yet. We are still far in human testing. But we are just one the trigger away from improving the speed in this technology. It is by far the most futuristic thing up till now.

  • Mesh Radio

    Google Home and Google On hub support Mesh Networking. To keep all the devices in connection at the server level. Mesh Radio is still not popular in our country but it is going to be in some years.

  • Fusion Technology

    Nuclei are hit at each with high speed particle guns. Such that they fuse and release energy. Capturing, Controlling, Distributing that power is Nuclear Fusion technology.

  • Bi-CMOS technology

    Bipolar-CMOS is a semiconductor technology for constructing analog and digital logic circuits from both CMOS and Bipolar semiconductor technologies.

  • Renewable Energy Source Biomass

    Biomass is organic material made from plants and animals. Biomass is a renewable energy source because as we grow trees and crops, waste will always exist. Examples of biomass fuels are manure, crops, and some garbage.

  • Agent-oriented programming

    In contrast to object-oriented programming, Agent-oriented programming focuses on the construction of software. There are many research papers going on in this field.

  • Tsunami warning system

    A system developed that could predict the coming of the natural disaster. This is highly important as countless lives and property can be saved. Especially in the eastern part of the world where it’s very dangerous.

  • Android

    Developed by Google, needs no introduction. It revolutionized and gave a tough call to iOS. There are still many Android Developer jobs coming. Going for Android will make you understand your Android’s features more and more.

  • Smartphone technology

    Android and Smartphones are like two sides of a coin. But still, they can be totally new things in smartphones like how your Smartphone is becoming thin day by day.

  • Touch screen technology

    I still remember the old Blackberry and Nokia phone which we used to be amazed at. And suddenly in 2009, I saw my first Samsung smartphone. It was awesome as what caught most of our attention is the touch screen technology which and having no keyboard and stuff. New things to learn here.

  • CAN-based Higher Layer Protocols and Profiles

    It’s the standardized Higher Layer protocol for a number of purposes. There are many research papers on this being made by students from different institutions. There is to lot to say about such protocols.

  • Feeder Protective Relay

    It protects your power grid from faults to supply energy without breaking. Not true for all conditions. But it is still worth our attention looking into this knowledge.

  • 3D image technique and multimedia applications

    3Dis going to play a vital role in our day-to-day life soon. It’s going to be a movie experience on another level. We may sometimes forget about its vast advantages such as in the fields of architecture, security, manufacturing,etc.

  • Air cars

    Compressed air Car- A car that can run not on any fuel, not on gasoline, but on air. Yes, AIR. Highly Pressurized air. It does not have a great design or even a normal design. Every now and then we have a new startup that comes and shows out their model. But we clearly see it’s in the phase of research.

  • Biometric technology

    We have seen forensics use it, and we have also seen an average Joe use it sometimes for his company check-in. And pretty much your identification Aadhar card. Right? The main one. Using a Biological way to identify someone in a crowd. This is soon going to be implemented all around the world.

  • Electronic watchdog

    Smart homes in many countries have successfully given a prototype and are being used. So that when an annoying friend comes home and waits for you, you will be informed about it even when you are outside. Sounds good to me. Well and to a lot of investors, as they keep pouring money into R&D (Research and Development) to continually add more features.

  • Night vision technology

    Night vision goggles, which we have used only when we are playing smartphone games. Oh wait we don’t use it there too often. But you must know that almost any other CCTV security camera you bump into as night vision to track people. So it is useful for industries and in the security department.

  • Advanced technique for RTL

    Register Transfer Level (RTL) debugging can help find errors but there was a need for the debugging to be automated when designs became complex. So there are techniques developed to do this very thing. Designs, Figures, Tables are some of the data you need to understand better.

  • Ultra-wideband technology

    It’s a low-range radio technology. It’s like it’s still in the beta version. For any number of years, developers have tried again and again to develop such technology. We are getting closer and closer. Hope your presentation will be the icing on the cake.

  • Bio-magnetism

    Like an animal magnetism. Magnetic Fields by organisms seems innovative but really weird. What could be the future of Bio- Magnetism, we don’t know. But scientists believe that such organisms can be the key for us to understand magnetic fields in a totally different way.

  • DC Arc Furnace

    It’s really a cool project. You use electricity to heat up the arc. It is used in making steel. It has some issues though but it is a very famous project. You can add demonstrations and make the presentation classier.

  • Global positioning system and its application

    127 Trending Presentation Topics for Engineering Students » Trending Us (3)

    You know about GPS and its applications. It looks simple to use but there is a great amount of engineering happening to bring such products. Engineers like you are mainly visionaries.

    This is another important topic that is very rare. Few people use these topics. If you wanna be among the few.

  • Pill camera

    Pill are medicines. And the camera is well a camera. So it looks like medicine you swallow into your body. It takes images of your internals -intestine, esophagus, etc. And is very safe.

    Something can go wrong only for 1.4% of people. But it is effective and in use. A great yet microscopic presentation.

  • Animatronics

    What is animatronics? Whenever you go to any children’s theme park or any theme park. You will mostly see a puppet-like dinosaur that moves and produces sounds. It is like an automated machine. Disneyland uses these things all the time. This is another new topic.

  • BIBS

    Built-In Breathing System-used in diving chambers and submarines. BIBS is how you efficiently built a system to breathe in emergency conditions. This is a project in which you will get to learn a lot of simple things in a new manner.

  • Debugging

    You find a problem and you fix it. You know that. What if you are not a big fan of debugging? But still there are new methods being developed.

    You can compile all the new and latest methods. And you can present it. Probably solve a few and find a more efficient method in your presentation. You can give a try.

  • Turbo codes

    You may have heard of it. It was published in the early 90s. They are a class of error-correcting codes. This is a project done by other students also. Not a special topic. But you can get content on the internet done by other people. You can get inspired and add your own version.

  • Bimolecular Computers

    It combines three fields in it- computers, biology and of course engineering. It’s really new. And developers believe it has the potential to revolutionize technology. Many people are researching this very topic. You can find their papers online and derive inspiration.

  • PC interfaced voice recognition system

    Now you don’t have to type your password. You have to speak it. And it will access your computer. Kinda like Shivaji The Boss’s Laptop. This is a pretty neat presentation idea. Many countries have such technology. It is not widely popular in our country yet.

  • Telephone conversation recorder

    The title says it all. There is little content about building a circuit for such a task. While most projects are looking into the future. You may think that being in the smartphone age why should we think of the telephone. Well, it may look simple. Yet it was remarkable technology which we also use in our own smartphones.

  • Future Satellite Communication

    This is BTech Seminar Topic which you may or may not have heard. This is pretty awesome in itself. Communicating via satellite. This technology is defining the way we communicate.

    Most of us use the internet. But there is research going on that is absolutely mind-blowing.

  • Nano-technology

    Well, we have talked about a lot of nanotechnologies here and there. So here you focus only on its technology rather than its uses. Making technology smaller is nice. But a lot of effort is needed. You may know about nanotechnology. But really how well do you know about your nanotechnology?

    How about doing some research on it. Who knows you will end up liking it. I highly recommend it.

    And you can also see the best tips for an ms PowerPoint presentation to present your topic.
    8 Tips to make your Powerpoint Presentation look Professional

  • Future generation wireless network

    You have used data and Wi-Fi. But what is the future of it? Many are trying to understand what the future generation will do. Well, we are talking a lot about the future. We have to. You can read about graphene to start.

  • Next-generation mobile computing

    Mobile is a computer. It is getting advanced every day. So what does the future hold for smartphones? We don’t know yet. Super smartphones, maybe? Well, smartphones came because of android. Yeah android, the same android developed by engineers like you. Who knows, you will be inspired to get that next idea.

  • Smart antenna for mobile communication

    This is another topic that seems old and it is indeed. Papers were written about it in the 90s. And such phones were tested in the market too. You may think what is the use of it now. Well, our defense uses it. Our Army uses it for communication.

  • Mobile train radio communication

    When Radio was working in the old days we used to say over-over. It was one-line communication. Then we improved it to two-way line communication. This is exactly how we do that. Now we use similar technology in our smartphones.

  • Augmented reality

    You know virtual reality(VR). It is looking at things in 3D view. Things that exist in the computer but we will be able to look as if it is lying in your room. Then what is Augmented Reality(AR) you may ask? AR is adding to VR. Now we can not only see it but touch it, feel it and smell it. Sounds amazing to me.

  • Matter & Energy

    You know matter and energy are related to this equation. E = mC squared. This is how atom bombs were based on. Matter turning into energy. This is a century-old discovery yet still relevant in the modern world.

  • Interactive public display

    Another important project topic. Many research papers have been published. When we go to malls, we see large TV-like screens which display ads or videos. It is present in New York’s Time Square. This is going to make our world look smarter.

  • The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery System

    It is difficult to explain easily here. Yet it is truly a good idea. It was demonstrated in the 1980s. We use such a battery system in large power stations today.

  • Cellular digital packet Data

    It is another old technology but its the research is pretty easily found online. Though its services were ended by the Government in 2004. Yet it had speed in data transmission compared to others. Their possible speed was 19.2 kbits/s.

  • Flexible A C Transmission

    Flexible Alternating Current Transmission (or in short FACTS) refers to a system. Basically, when the power comes from the power plant to your house, some power is lost. With FACTS, we have more control ability such that we reduce power wastage. And this system allows our current bill rate not to skyrocket.

  • Quality of electrical power.

    We already spoke about FACTS in the above topic. This is about the quality of that power. To have a steady flow of power. This will go in detail about the study of transmission. And how we need to efficiently use the power generated by the power plant.

  • Radial Feeder Protection

    Basically it’s the same field of protecting power from getting lost. How does it do?When there is a fault like a short circuit we still get power. It is because of Radial Feeder Protection.

  • Smart dust core architecture.

    The goal of smart dust in simple words is to minimize energy. It can get complicated and difficult to explain. Yet it’s circuit diagrams are awesome and its basic architecture is neat.

  • Traffic pulse technology

    Using technology to control traffic more efficiently. This is a modern technology solution to modern traffic problems. Using sensors and proper algorithms is the one solution governments are working on.

  • Virtual Reality

    This future is exciting, especially for streamers and gamers. Those who want to feel and not just see and hear. You must see the VR Headset now and understand it more. About its algorithm, design, function, and reviews. Combine VR with AR. It will take our experience into another dimension.

  • Blue eyes technology

    Blues eyes technology is having computer sensors that read users. And personalize user-experience. Many apple devices are blue Eyes based.

  • Seminar on artificial passenger

    Well many people die in car accidents even when a little drowsiness could cause many innocent lives. This technology is based on sensing the vehicle surrounding and vehicle condition such that it avoids accidents. It’s something everyone is working on.

  • Telecommunication Network

    A telecommunications network is a collection of terminal nodes where links are connected to enable telecommunication between the terminals. It’s a pretty neat idea. There are many types of telecommunication networks.

  • Organic electronics

    It deals with conductive polymers. And conductive molecules. It is more flexible and amorphous in nature than inorganic. Many projects have been made on this topic.

  • Application of Swarm Robots

    Swarm Robots is having its application in medical, defense, etc. There are many uses for these tiny robots. This presentation idea is also used less. Nevertheless, it is still a wonderful tech that will define the very defense systems that are protecting our country.

  • Autonomic Computing

    Autonomic Computing is exactly as it sounds. The Computers manage, allocate resources, and fix errors on its own hiding in the background. This is mostly needed in modern technology to make a more user-friendly experience. Users can be panicked with all the manual computing work. This Autonomic system comes to the rescue.


    It’s a microchip inserted into our body. Developed in the early 80s. Used in the medical field. Has a great engineering background even at that time. It amazed a lot of people. you can present about its development and its pros & cons.

  • The making of quantum dots

  • What is a quantum dot? A quantum dot is a very small semiconductor that transports electrons. But your main focus is how to make these small semiconductors. You can research about it and find pretty good stuff about it.

    Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) is the process of integrating, creating millions of transistors on a single microchip. VLSI technology came into the picture in the 1970s when advanced-level computer processor microchips were under development. It is helping corporations in reducing the circuit size, is cost-effective, and consumes lesser power. VLSI is a successor to large-scale integration (LSI), medium-scale integration (MSI), and small-scale integration (SSI) technology.

    DBMS – In today’s digital world, data means everything, and due to the evolution of Database management systems, organizations are gathering, processing, and leveraging more from their work because they can process and leverage tons of data on hand effectively and without much fuss. Its applications are being used across multiple fields, from credit card transaction records to railways system management, Military, Telecom, and Banking.

    CMOS stands for “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.” One of the most popular technologies in the computer chip design industry is broadly used to form ICs or integrated circuits. It makes use of both P and N channel semiconductor devices. This is the dominant semiconductor technology for microprocessors, microcontroller chips, memories like RAM, ROM, EEPROM application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

    127 Trending Presentation Topics for Engineering Students » Trending Us (2024)


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    • Share Your Passion With Your Audience. ...
    • Pace Yourself. ...
    • Rehearse Thoroughly. ...
    • Show Your Personality. ...
    • Improvise. ...
    • Pump Yourself Up.

    How can I get full marks in presentation? ›

    Getting the tone right is essential. Use visual aids whenever possible. Power Point is always welcome. Slides help you remember the main points (like notes, but do not overload them with text) and you can make your presentation look pro by adding charts, graphs etc.

    How do you start a 10 minute presentation? ›

    Challenge Accepted: How to Create a 10-minute Presentation - YouTube

    What is the full form of PPT? ›

    PPT stands for PowerPoint Presentations which are demonstrations of data, methods or a sequence of steps by which something is done.

    How do you make a 5 minute Powerpoint presentation better? ›

    When creating a five minute presentation, plan to present a slide per minute. The five slides, in order, include a Title/Author/Affiliation slide, an Outline slide, a Problem Description/Motivation slide, a Proposed Approach/Alternative slide, and a Summary/Conclusion slide.

    How do you start a student presentation examples? ›

    Below are some examples of how to start.
    1. Let me share with you…
    2. I'd like to introduce you to [product or service]
    3. Today I want to discuss…
    4. I want to breakdown for you [topic]
    5. Let's discuss…
    6. Today I will present the results of my research on [topic]
    7. By the end of this presentation, you'll understand [topic]

    What is the 5 by 5 rule in Powerpoint? ›

    To keep your audience from feeling overwhelmed, you should keep the text on each slide short and to the point. Some experts suggest using the 5/5/5 rule: no more than five words per line of text, five lines of text per slide, or five text-heavy slides in a row.

    Which talk topic is best? ›

    List of Persuasive Speech Topics on Environment
    • How will recycling help us?
    • Should there be a ban on smoking in public places?
    • Should zoos be banned?
    • Should there be a ban on animal testing?
    • Will banning plastic bags help?
    • Should exotic animals be kept as pets?
    • Is the government doing enough to tackle Global Warming?

    What is the best topic for research today? ›

    Top 10 Research Topics from 2021
    1. Infectious disease. 29 articles | 1,643,000 views. ...
    2. Nutritional immunology. 29 articles | 768,000 views. ...
    3. Music therapy. 44 articles | 268,000 views. ...
    4. Political misinformation. 11 articles | 219,000 views. ...
    5. Plant science. 15 articles | 198,000 views. ...
    6. Sustainable agriculture. ...
    7. Mental health. ...
    8. Aging brains.
    17 Jan 2022

    What are the current topics of 2020? ›

    Top 30 GD topics of 2020:
    • Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on Global economy.
    • How prepared is India to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak?
    • Farm Bills 2020 – Pros, Cons & Challenges.
    • Lessons for the world from COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.
    • National Education Policy 2020.
    19 Apr 2022

    How do I pick a topic? ›

    Here are some tips:
    1. Choose a topic that you are interested in! ...
    2. Narrow your topic to something manageable. ...
    3. Review the guidelines on topic selection outlined in your assignment. ...
    4. Refer to lecture notes and required texts to refresh your knowledge of the course and assignment.
    5. Talk about research ideas with a friend.
    30 Jul 2021

    What are simple topics? ›

    Easy Speech Topics in English
    • Importance of Education.
    • Is it beneficial to learn a Second Language?
    • Music has healing power.
    • Fake news.
    • Love is powerful than hate.
    • Social Impact of Covid-19.
    • How can Online Learning be Fun?
    • Make Public Transport Free?

    Which topic is best for 2 minutes speech? ›

    2 minute speech topics

    Public transport should be free for all. Importance of art in one's life. Should body-shaming be a punishable offense? Having pets benefits people.

    What is the best topic for education? ›

    Here are the top 5 education topics and trends that will take hold and impact the education landscape this year:
    1. Teacher Training. The past year saw a lot of emphasis on professional development of teachers. ...
    2. Rise of Digital. ...
    3. Measure Performance. ...
    4. Bilingual learning medium. ...
    5. Learning Solutions.

    Which topics is best for final year project? ›

    Final Year Project Ideas Worth Trying
    • Movie recommendation system.
    • Fraud app detection software.
    • Stock price prediction system.
    • Credit scoring system.
    • Online examination and evaluation system.
    • Fitness activity recognition for smartphone.
    • Handwritten digit classification system.
    • Personality prediction system.

    What is trending topics in technology? ›

    Here are some of the top technology trends for 2022: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Edge Computing.

    How do I choose a good final year project topic? ›

    Make a list of all the probable topics. Look at the history of the projects that have already been done on the respected domain. Concentrate on the new topics that got published in prestigious forums such as IEEE, Springer and so. Review the probable topics you have selected to consider the various aspects of it.

    What are the current topics in 2022? ›

    Top 30 GD Topics of 2022:
    • Russia-Ukraine war.
    • Sri Lanka's Economic crisis.
    • High fuel prices.
    • NATO.
    • COVID-19.
    • E-learning – Pros & Challenges.
    • Post-Covid world.
    • Metaverse.
    4 Jul 2022

    What are the hot topics in India? ›

    • Sputnik V.
    • Surgical strike.
    • Balakot Airstrike.
    • Tokyo Olympic.
    • Covaxin.
    • Cyclone.
    • Amarnath Yatra.
    • Loni Assault Case.

    What are the current topics in India 2022? ›

    Topics for Current Affairs 2022
    Martand Sun Temple
    National Hindi DayInternational Day For The Remembrance Of Slave Trade And Its Abolition
    Teachers DayWorld Mosquito Day
    International Day Against Nuclear TestsInternational Youth Day
    58 more rows

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