Qatar Airways Assessment Test: Free Practice Questions (2022) (2024)

About Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, established in 1997, is one of the youngest airlines to serve all six continents. As the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar, it is based at Hamad International Airport, Doha. Qatar Airways connects passengers to over 130 destinations daily, with a rapidly expanding fleet of over 240 aircraft and more than 44,000 staff employed worldwide.

It prides itself on its latest-generation fleet of aircraft and high standards of customer service. Together, these have established Qatar Airways as a respected and trusted airline for customers across the globe.

Qatar Airways is an award-winning airline, with a 5-star rating from Skytrax – the international air transport rating organisation. It was named Skytrax's Airline of the Year for five out of the last ten years, with the most recent accolade secured in 2019.

The first airline to be granted 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating, Qatar Airways is an industry leader in both aviation standards and customer experience. In reflection, it is also the world's fastest-growing airline.

Application Process

Qatar Airways has one of the most competitive hiring processes of any airline, largely due to high demand for its organisational, pilot and cabin crew roles.

Positions are available across the following service areas: cabin crew and services, cargo & airport operations, corporate & commercial, customer service, engineering, pilots & flight operations, and specialist roles (including chefs).

Qatar Airways is a collective of 12 different businesses that work together to address all elements of the airline. Therefore, when you apply, your application will be processed by the relevant company (as listed in the job advert), e.g. Qatar Airways, Qatar Airways Cargo, Qatar Aviation Services or Qatar Executive.

The application process is multi-stage and requires candidates to complete an online assessment, attend Qatar Airways open day, take part in an assessment day (with multiple aptitude tests), and sit for a final interview.

Online Application

The online application requires prospective recruits to submit their details and upload a CV to provide information on their education and training, experience, and skills. This is completed via the Qatar Airways online applicant portal.

It is recommended that applicants tailor their CVs directly for the role in question. Returning to the job description and criteria can help ensure you are evidencing the right experience and highlighting relevant key qualities.

Qatar Airways Open Day

Once you have submitted the online application, you will be invited to an open day. This is now most often held online. The open day is an opportunity to find out more about what a career with Qatar Airways demands and to check whether it is, indeed, the right fit for you.

You may need to have official documents (such as a passport or certificate of education) handy, so check any email correspondence to confirm this.

You will be asked to take part in an initial scoping interview, to explore your experiences, skills, and motivations. The recruiters will then decide whether you fulfill the criteria to progress to the next stage of assessment.

Qatar Airways Assessment Day

The next stage of the Qatar Airways recruitment process is the assessment day, which may be administered online or in-person depending upon the circ*mstances.

During this session, you will receive an introductory presentation and then be required to sit a series of aptitude tests and an English test. The nature of these assessments varies according to the job vacancy, but will involve a combination of the tests explored below.

Numerical Reasoning Test

A numerical reasoning test gives insight into a candidate's ability to handle numbers and interpret data presented in graphs, charts and tables. Questions feature basic arithmetic, fractions, percentages, ratios, sequences and algebra.

They are multiple-choice and must be completed within the given time limit.

To prepare for the hiring process, brush up on your high school level maths as well as take practice tests. This will ensure you can tackle the real exam with confidence.

Example numerical reasoning questions:

Qatar Airways Assessment Test: Free Practice Questions (2022) (1)

2,000 CHF was used to purchase USD in Q2 and then sold in Q4. How much will the amount be worth in CHF?

A) 2,117.65 B) 2,098.03 C) 2,077.67 D) 1,981.48


Step 1: Calculate how many USD you can buy with CHF 2,000 in Q2:

2,000 × 1.08 = USD 2,160

Step 2: Calculate how many CHF you can purchase with USD 2,160 in Q4:

2,160 ÷ 1.02 = A) CHF 2,117.65

Verbal Reasoning Test

A verbal reasoning test assesses the ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information. Candidates will be presented with a few passages of text and asked if a given statement is true, false, or if they cannot say from the information provided.

The test also requires a basic knowledge of literary and linguistic concepts such as synonyms and antonyms, word meanings, and sentence structure.

Again, questions are multiple choice and must be completed within a given time – a pace of around 30 – 40 seconds per question is usually required.

Situational Judgement Test

A situational judgement test presents candidates with a series of hypothetical scenarios related to the work environment. It is used to assess behavioural preferences and explore how a candidate deals with pressure, conflict, or setback.

You will be presented with a set of response options for each scenario and asked to select the one that most closely resembles your own course of action. You may also need to rate the other options in order of preference.

Situational judgement tests are often used in the recruitment process to discover whether a candidate's approach matches an organisation's culture and accompanying core values.

Group Exercises

You may also need to complete a series of tasks within a Qatar Airways team. These will assess your ability to work collaboratively to effectively solve problems and will likely involve time pressure.

Participants should seek to actively contribute, whilst displaying good listening skills.

Pilot Tests

If you are applying for a position as a pilot or flight operator, you will be required to sit a pilot aptitude test as part of the Qatar Airways recruitment process. This comprises a series of tasks which - through simulation - assess spatial awareness, hand-to-eye coordination, ability to multitask and memory capacity.

Final Interview

If you achieve high scores across your Qatar Airways aptitude assessments, you will be invited to attend a final interview stage with the recruitment team. This may be a panel or one-on-one interview, depending upon the position. It could also be online or in person, depending upon the circ*mstance.

The interview questions will be competency-based and require candidates to evidence their skills through experience. If you find interviews nerve-wracking, keep the STAR model (situation, task, action, result) in mind to help structure your responses.

You should also prepare to discuss your motivations and career goals.

An interview should be a two-way conversation, so prepare a few questions to ask the recruiters. These are a chance to show your curiosity and enthusiasm, as well as your knowledge of the company and industry.

Even highly qualified candidates can be thwarted by a lack of confidence at an interview, so prepare thoroughly and get a friend or family member to run through possible questions and responses with you.

Remember to also keep a check on your eye contact and body language as – even in an online interview – these aspects contribute to your overall impression during the selection process.

Medical Exams

If you are successful in securing a position with Qatar Airways, you will also need to sit a series of medical exams to confirm you are fit, healthy, and able to cope with the demands of the career.

Qatar Airways Assessment Test: Free Practice Questions (2022) (2024)


How to prepare for Qatar assessment day? ›

This description of Qatar Airways' assessment day is just an example.
Be prepared for questions like:
  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to be a cabin crew?
  3. Why do you want to join Qatar Airways?
  4. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your co-worker.
  5. What are your strengths?
  6. What are cabin crew qualities?

What to expect at Qatar Airways assessment day? ›

The next stage of the Qatar Airways recruitment process is the assessment day, which may be administered online or in-person depending upon the circ*mstances. During this session, you will receive an introductory presentation and then be required to sit a series of aptitude tests and an English test.

How do I prepare for an airline assessment day? ›

Tips and Advice to Ace the Cabin Crew Assessment Day
  1. Follow the Dress Code: The first impression is the last impression. ...
  2. Be Punctual: A cabin crew is not expected to reach late for the job. ...
  3. Communicate: ...
  4. Take Care of your Body Language: ...
  5. Know Your Airline: ...
  6. Final Interview: ...
  7. Enjoy the Process:
18 Oct 2021

Is Qatar Airways training hard? ›

At first it was very difficult, it was hard to learn everything by heart, it was very stressful and I was very nervous before the first exams. Then I got used to the idea, and all seemed a lot easier, it become like a daily routine. This is the story about Qatar Airways training period.

How do I pass my assessment? ›

Aptitude test tips
  1. Practice. Practice is the most commonly advocated route to aptitude test success, and one very few people would dispute. ...
  2. Know your test. ...
  3. Don't get your friends to help. ...
  4. Make the most of online tests. ...
  5. Realistic simulation. ...
  6. Be alert and stay focused. ...
  7. Ask for feedback. ...
  8. Know when to move on.
10 Oct 2022

How do I pass an assessment test? ›

Here are a few tips to make it go easier:
  1. Answer honestly. Personality tests often include questions that ask for answers on a scale. ...
  2. Avoid too many of the same answers. ...
  3. Study the job description. ...
  4. Consider taking a practice test. ...
  5. Take your time. ...
  6. Expect questions about your honesty and integrity.
29 Jan 2021

What is the minimum salary in Qatar Airways? ›

What is the minimum salary in Qatar Airways? Minimum salary at Qatar Airways depends on the role you are applying for. For Customer Service Associate the minimum salary is ₹5.2 Lakhs per year, for Customer Service Agent the minimum salary is ₹5.3 Lakhs per year and so on.

Is Qatar Airways interview hard? ›

Qatar Airways Interview Process. The interview process at Qatar Airways is long and difficult, with several elimination rounds.

How many rounds is Qatar Airways interview? ›

Qatar Airways interview process usually has 2-3 rounds.

How many lessons do you need to pass your flight test? ›

Flying lesson costs. Private Pilots Licence (PPL) - Minimum of 45 hours of flying to gain a PPL(A).

Can you tell me 3 things you must do before boarding a plane? ›

Ultimately, you need to give yourself enough time to get your boarding pass, check your bags and go through security before your plane starts boarding. Sometimes, that takes 10 minutes. Other times, especially during peak travel times, it can take much longer.

How do you prepare for an assessment? ›

Top ten tips for preparing for an assessment
  1. Start early! Whatever type of assessment you have looming it is always a good idea to start early! ...
  2. Remove distractions. ...
  3. Plan ahead. ...
  4. Make it interesting. ...
  5. Organise your study space. ...
  6. Study with friends. ...
  7. Take regular breaks. ...
  8. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
27 Mar 2017

Can you fail airline training? ›

It is fairly common to have a failed check ride somewhere in your training history. When you apply for an airline job, you will have had at least three check rides: private, instrument, commercial multi. You may have also become an instructor, and maybe you took commercial single engine check ride too.

Can you fail cabin crew training? ›

'As a Cabin Crew trainer, I had to fail 19 students in 6 months. This was for anything from being late to class to failing a particular test. They get a few chances and would only lose a point or two for each fail, but these add up and sadly this does cost some of them the chance to continue. '

How much is qatar cabin crew salary? ›

What is the salary of Cabin Crew at qatar airways ? Average qatar airways Cabin Crew salary in India is ₹ 11.6 Lakhs for experience between 2 years to 10 years. Cabin Crew salary at qatar airways India ranges between ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 24.0 Lakhs.

Can you still get hired if you fail an assessment test? ›

Yes you can still get the job. If you failed the assessment, You should ask for a lower position , learn all that you can and move your way up. A lot of managers started as janitors or cashiers.

What to do if you fail an assessment? ›

What to do if you failed a subject
  1. Step 1 | Don't panic. Sometimes, it is as simple as retaking the subject again or you might even be offered an AA (additional assessment) or AE (additional exam). ...
  2. Step 2 | Talk to your lecturer. ...
  3. Step 3 | Don't focus on the negatives. ...
  4. Step 4 | Plan your next steps. ...
  5. Step 5 | If you try again.
7 Jun 2019

What is a good assessment score? ›

Scores below 5 are below average. Scores above 5 are above average.

How do you answer assessment questions? ›

How to answer assessment questions
  1. Ask the employer to give you an idea of what to expect. ...
  2. Visualize the information in the question. ...
  3. Underline the keywords in the assessment question. ...
  4. Do readings before you respond. ...
  5. Answering questions in the reverse order. ...
  6. Use the elimination process. ...
  7. Take personality tests online.
26 Apr 2021

How many questions should be in an assessment? ›

Overall, teachers seem to keep assessments to an average of 11.4 questions for elementary school teachers and 15.3 for middle and high schoolers. Below is a breakdown of the information.

How much is a cashier paid in Qatar? ›

Average QAR 2,871 per month.

Does Qatar Airlines pay well? ›

The average Qatar Airways salary ranges from approximately $25,905 per year for Safety Officer to $239,690 per year for Vice President. Average Qatar Airways hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.94 per hour for Customer Service Representative to $25.26 per hour for Sales Manager.

How long is Qatar cabin crew contract? ›

Qatar airway cabin crew Salary and Benefits

When qualifying for a job with Qatar Airways, as a flight attendant, the contract must be signed for a period of 3 years. And the probation period (Probation) 6 months included in the three year period as well After the 3-year contract expires, the contract may be extended.

How can I pass interview easily? ›

Tips for a Successful Interview
  1. Be on time. ...
  2. Know the interviewer's name, its spelling, and pronunciation. ...
  3. Have some questions of your own prepared in advance. ...
  4. Bring several copies of your resume. ...
  5. Have a reliable pen and a small note pad with you. ...
  6. Greet the interviewer with a handshake and a smile.

How do I pass an airline interview? ›

Naturally, the more flying experience you have, the more aviation based examples you can give, but this doesn't have to be the case.
How to Pass an Airline Pilot Interview
  1. Problem-Solving.
  2. Situational Awareness.
  3. Team Work.
  4. Leadership.
  5. Prioritisation.
  6. Delegation.
  7. Communication.
  8. Planning.

Why should we hire you? ›

Therefore, when asked “why should we hire you,” be sure to highlight both your technical skills and your soft skills. Doing so will show that you are a well-rounded candidate who is capable of meeting the demands of the job.

What are the 5 interview rounds? ›

Let's look at these closely.
  • Tele/Video Call Interview. It must be noted that interview is a resource and time consuming process and one must employ methods that weed out misfits and weaker candidates effectively. ...
  • Assessment. ...
  • The Face-to-Face Interview. ...
  • Interview Panel. ...
  • Group Interview.
30 Jan 2019

How long is Qatar Airways training? ›

Two years: One year for the education training and one year of job shadowing.

Why are there 3 rounds of interviews? ›

Third-Round Interviews

If you're called for a third session, it usually means that these employers like you—but they like at least one other person just as much. At this point, you'll need to gain an edge by explaining what you have to offer that this other person (or people) may not have.

Can I pass my test without lessons? ›

In short, yes, you can take your driving test without lessons. However, in most cases, it's strongly recommended that you find an instructor to help guide you through the process.

How many times can you take the flight test? ›

Many students take all four components of the exam and will receive four different scores. If you do not receive qualifying scores on the ASTB-E, you can retake the exam; however, you can only retake the test 3 times in your lifetime. Additionally, you will need to wait at least 30 days before retaking the ASTB-E.

How do you pass a 12 hour flight? ›

How to survive a long-haul flight
  1. Find comfortable clothes to wear on long flights. ...
  2. Reserve a good seat. ...
  3. Prepare yourself for sleep. ...
  4. Don't pack too much in your cabin luggage. ...
  5. Take your own snacks. ...
  6. Move around the plane. ...
  7. Stay hydrated. ...
  8. Relax!
21 Mar 2018

What is the first thing to do at the airport? ›

Check in. Once you enter the airport, the first thing you should do is check in (if you haven't done so already online). Many airlines allow you to check in online 24 hours before your flight.

What should you not forget before an airport? ›

We know it feels like a chore, but if you follow our expert packing tips you'll never have to worry.
  • Make a list. ...
  • Don't forget the first aid kit. ...
  • Limit your liquids. ...
  • Name tags are there to help. ...
  • Observe restrictions on baggage. ...
  • Save bag space for all your holiday purchases. ...
  • Skip the shoes. ...
  • Cosmetics – at a minimum!
4 Jul 2014

What is not allowed in a carry-on? ›

Liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 oz are not allowed in carry-on bags and should be placed in your checked bags if possible. TSA officers may instruct travelers to separate items from carry-on bags such as foods, powders, and any materials that can clutter bags and obstruct clear images on the X-ray machine.

What are the 4 rules of assessment? ›

Clause 1.8 in the Standards states the four principles of assessment are:
  • Fairness.
  • Flexibility.
  • Validity.
  • Reliability.
14 May 2021

What are the 4 types of assessment? ›

A Guide to Types of Assessment: Diagnostic, Formative, Interim, and Summative.

What are the 7 assessment methods? ›

Assessment Methods – What Exactly Are They?
  • Observation.
  • Professional Discussion.
  • Questioning.
  • Projects and Assignments.
  • RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
  • Witness Testimony.
  • Work Products.

Do you get paid during airline training? ›

In addition to the pilot's hourly wage, he or she often receives a pay stipend during the training period, as well as a per diem rate when away from home. This allowance covers meals and other incidentals the pilots may accrue. And airlines typically pay for lodging when a pilot has to stay away from home overnight.

What happens if you fail airline training? ›

The student gets credit for all maneuvers and procedures performed correctly on the check ride, so it's usually wise to continue on even after a failed maneuver. When a student fails a maneuver, he or she will obtain additional training with an instructor and then take the practical test again.

Is flight training stressful? ›

All flight students will experience some stress during flight training. There are certain times when you will be required to push yourself outside your comfort zone and prove what you can do. Everyone is stressed and excited during their first solo flight.

What is the most difficult part of cabin crew job? ›

What Are The Hardest Parts Of A Flight Attendant's Job?
  • Recruitment process. It is very hard to get a job as a flight attendant. ...
  • Training days. The training is very tough and intense but, if you make it through, it's the best learning experience and you will gain lifelong skills. ...
  • Lifestyle. ...
  • Salary. ...
  • Health. ...
  • Career change.
8 Jul 2022

Is it hard to pass the cabin crew interview? ›

Cabin crew and flight attendant interviews can be very difficult. If you're not prepared for the questions, you might get overwhelmed.

Does Qatar Airways pay during training? ›

The training is provided for free by the airline company, as part of the benefits package.

How do I get selected for Qatar Airways? ›

Application Process
  1. Online Application. The online application requires prospective recruits to submit their details and upload a CV to provide information on their education and training, experience, and skills. ...
  2. Qatar Airways Open Day. ...
  3. Qatar Airways Assessment Day. ...
  4. Final Interview. ...
  5. Medical Exams.

How to pass Qatar Airways cabin crew interview? ›

During your preparation for the cabin crew interview with Qatar Airways, think carefully how your own skills, qualities and attributes are aligned to the same standards of attention and care. TIP #5 – Throughout your interview, demonstrate your ability to act as positive role model for their airline.

How do I prepare for a hiring assessment? ›

How to prepare for pre-employment testing
  1. Determine the type of test in advance. To succeed in a pre-employment test, it's necessary to understand the test the company seeks to assess you with. ...
  2. Practice ahead of time. ...
  3. Relax. ...
  4. Read the instructions carefully. ...
  5. Be honest. ...
  6. Work with time. ...
  7. Double-check your answers.
30 Nov 2021

Is Assessment Center hard to pass? ›

The assessment centre is usually one of the last steps in an application process, but also the most difficult to crack. You've certainly told us it's the part you find most challenging - but also the most enjoyable.

What happens if you fail aptitude test? ›

In almost all cases, the only way you will be able to retake an aptitude test if you do not reach the required standard is to reapply for the job and go through the recruitment process again.

How do I practice for assessment centre? ›

How to Prepare for an Assessment Centre
  1. Know What to Expect. ...
  2. Research the Firm and the Role. ...
  3. Review Your Application. ...
  4. Check the Key Competencies. ...
  5. Perfect Your Presentation. ...
  6. Practise Aptitude Tests. ...
  7. Become an Interview Pro. ...
  8. Succeed in Group Exercises.
25 Mar 2022

How many people pass assessment centres? ›

On average our assessment centres have a success rate of 30%, with our most recent assessment centre seeing a success rate of 80%, and candidates have been hired in every Assessment Centre we have organised for our clients.

How many candidates get to assessment centre? ›

Hosted over anything from an afternoon to two days, assessment centres are often the final stage of the selection process for large graduate recruiters. You'll usually be joined by six to eight other candidates, but it's important to keep focused on your own performance.

What is the pass mark for aptitude tests? ›

Multiple tests: If you're being asked to take multiple tests the pass mark may be 50% for all of those tests compared to if you are set one test the employer may decide that it wants to set a pass mark of 70%.

Is an assessment test the same as an interview? ›

The assessment interview is very similar to a regular job interview but focuses more directly on your personality. Its nature is more psychological than a job interview and usually will 'plunge deeper'.

What do employers look for in assessment test? ›

Assessment tests for jobs, also known as pre-employment tests, help hiring managers determine whether a candidate has the skills, work style, knowledge or personality to succeed in a job. Companies use assessment tests to make good hiring decisions, often during the early parts of the interview process.

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